Filing Night CelebrationOn the close of filing for the Democratic Primary this evening the Collin County Democratic Party is excited to announce the highest number candidates on the Primary Election ballot in over twenty years. County Chair Mike Rawlins said:

“Thanks to our improved performance in 2014, successful party building this year, and the efforts of our Candidate Recruitment and Development Committee chaired by Rick Joosten, we have had spectacular success in getting Democrats on the ballot this cycle. We have candidates for all five Texas House districts that cover the county. In addition, we have something that hasn’t happened in anyone’s memory – a contested primary. Two candidates have filed for Texas’ 3rd Congressional District, two have filed for Texas House District 33, and two have filed for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Place 2. In addition, we have two highly qualified sitting judges from Dallas County running for places on the Fifth Court of Appeals. 2016 should be a good year for Democrats nationwide and we’re in good position to take advantage of that.”

Candidates filing with the Collin Country Democratic Party were:

  • US Congress, District 3 – Adam Bell and Michael Filak
  • State House, District 66 – Gnanse Nelson
  • State House, District 67 – Scott Coleman
  • State House, District 70 – John Bryant
  • State House, District 89 – Denise Hamilton
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 1 – Ramona Portlock Brumfield and Michael Messer

Local candidates filing with the state party are:

  • State House, District 33 – Cristin Padgett and Karen Jacobs
  • Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 4 – Gena Slaughter
  • Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 7 – Dennise Garcia

Over 70 Precinct Chairs also filed for the new term, including several who aren’t currently serving. Mr. Rawlins was unopposed in filing for County Chair.

At close of filing at 6:00 PM several candidates and activists gathered at the Collin County Democratic Party office in Plano to celebrate. The Democratic Primary will be held March 1, 2016.