A Time of Decision, a Time to Believe

We occasionally offer essays written by Precinct Chairs or other activists. Here’s one written by Mitch Sotelo, chair of Precinct 83.  Mitch was an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, and eloquently here offers his reasons for supporting Secretary Clinton.

A Time of Decision, A Time to Believe

How strange it is that so many don’t understand that lesser evils are also greater goods. How odd that people forget that the more conservative FDR and Johnson became the populist Bernie Sanders of their day. Hillary is such a one, such a heart.

We come to a time in which to understand and remember could mean life or death for oppressed minorities, a time when a new Supreme Court could mean salvation or destruction of the soul and ideals of our great nation.

Trump would mean a disaster for the nation we love, the earth we cherish, and the ideals we hold dear.

Believe in a heart the loves children, a heart that in the end cannot let you down. Believe in Hillary, support her struggle to lead with heart, she isn’t perfect but she is the real hope laid before you.

Don’t let your hope die, give Hillary Clinton a helping hand, and her hands will not, cannot, forget you, any more than she can forget her own heart.

It’s time to believe, time to give with heart, to new hope for America. It’s time for Hillary.

David “Mitch” Sotelo