June 10, 2017 Municipal Runoff Elections

These candidates requested and received endorsement by our County Executive Committee.

Ann Bacchus (Attorney)                                 Plano City Council, Place 2

Ann Bacchus
Plano City Council, Pl. 2

Ms. Bacchus advocates for all citizens of Plano with a spirit of cooperation. She embraces diversity and an excellent quality of life for all of Plano’s residents. She promotes greater transparency in city government,   re-negotiation of water rates, more effective management of public revenues and greater responsiveness to the needs of citizens, especially seniors.  (A) (W) – Facebook, Web 



LaShadion Shemwell McKinney City Council District 1

La’Shadion Shemwell (Entrepreneur and Community Organizer) McKinney City Council District 1 

La’Shadion Anthony Shemwell’s life is a story of overcoming hardships of poverty and crime to become a dedicated father, nationally-recognized community organizer, and entrepreneur. La’Shadion spent his youth in Los Angeles, California, where, like many inner-city youth, he faced economic, social, and educational challenges — like crime, violence and a lack of positive opportunities. By 13, La’Shadion was homeless due to running away from a dysfunctional home and his father had been violently killed.

Despite these challenges, La’Shadion’s drive for a better life helped him to press on and create opportunities to grow. He graduated from high school early with a 3.86 GPA. La’Shadion knows first hand the effect of not having positive role models in his early years, which led him to several arrests for various charges as a young adult.

His experiences have helped Lashadion learn both respect for the criminal justice system and a passion to organize for reform, which he believes involves breaking the cycle of poverty in struggling communities. Facebook, Web

Tabassum “Munia” Ahmad (IT Professional)  Allen City Council, Place 2

Tabassum Ahmad
Allen City Council, Pl. 2

Ms. Ahmad seeks to protect the quality of Allen family life by enhancing parks, recreational facilities and community events. As an Allen resident since 2002, she recognizes the need for a strong traffic plan to prepare for future demands. Among her priorities are transparency in decision-making (through the use of technology) and support for businesses, to stimulate Allen’s economy, create jobs and expand the city’s revenues and tax base.  (W) – Facebook, Web


The following races appear on the runoff ballots, depending on your city and the district in which you live.


City Council seats are at large and any registered Plano voter may vote. (Bold* indicates an endorsed candidate).  Chair’s comment: There are very clear choices in this runoff. Two candidates – Bacchus and Downs – support Plano Tomorrow and the Equal Rights Ordinance. The other two – Ricciardelli and Smith – ran on the slate that opposed it. For Plano to thrive over the coming decades Plano Tomorrow and the ERO need to be supported.

Place 2

  • Ann Bacchus*
  • Anthony Ricciardelli

Place 8

  • Rick Smith
  • David L. Downs


City Council seats are by single member districts, except for the at large seat. Any McKinney voter registered in the district may vote.

District 1

  • La’Shadion Shemwell*
  • Dusttin Pearson

District 3

  • Margaret Harsch
  • Scott Elliot

At Large (any McKinney voter may vote)

  • Derek Baker
  • Charlie Philips


City Council seats are at large and any registered Allen voter may vote.

Place 2

  • Tabassum Ahmad*
  • Carl Clemencich


City Council seats are at large and any registered Frisco voter may vote.

Place 6

  • Brian Livingston
  • Bobby Roberti


City Council seats are at large and any registered Murphy voter may vote.

Place 3

  • Elizabeth Abraham
  • Chris George