Craig Ranch "Notice" to Residents

Statement on “Notice” at Craig Ranch

Craig Ranch "Notice" to Residents

We received word from some of our activists that the Craig Ranch Community Association in McKinney sent an email advising residents several copies of disturbing notice to “Residents” had been posted in one of the parks in the community.

County Chair Mike Rawlins had this to say:

“At this point we don’t know anything about who posted this “notice”. We can say that whether it is genuine or someone’s sick prank, it is a vile, foul thing to do. This is America in the 21st century. It is simply NOT acceptable for anyone to advocate getting “rid of Muslims, Indians, blacks, and Jews.” We stand with our brothers and sisters who are targeted by this hateful act and call upon all area citizens to do the same.

We demand that the Mayor and City Council of McKinney, and the County Judge and Commissioner’s Court, denounce this act of intimidation and assure citizens that there are no law enforcement officers who support it. In particular we call upon the Collin County Republican Party to condemn it and admonish their supporters that this not tolerable.”

Here is the text of the email sent to Craig Ranch residents Wednesday afternoon:

It has been brought to our attention that a flyer containing racist and threatening propaganda has been found in the community. We have reported the information to the police, and are currently scouring the community for any additional flyers. At the direction of the police, if you find a flyer, please throw it away immediately. We do not want to give whomever is responsible for this any traction. To that end, we have no evidence to support that the person(s) responsible resides in Craig Ranch. If you notice any suspicious behavior, you are urged to contact the McKinney Police Department at 972-547-2700. If it is a crime in progress, or you are unsure of the urgency, please call 911 immediately.

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday season, filled with love and laughter!