Donor Spotlight – Jeanie Lemons


Did you know that CCDP does not receive money from the state or national Democratic Party? It is a common misconception that local offices have the support of their state and national counterparts, but unfortunately this is not true. CCDP is only able to exist thanks to the donations of great people like you!
Each month CCDP will feature a sustaining or major donor spotlight to highlight their contributions to our party office. These donations help CCDP with our operating and programmatic costs. Do you want to see CCDP do more? So do we! Help us achieve these great goals by donating today.
May Spotlight
Name: Jeanie Lemons
How long have you lived in Collin County? 14 years
Occupation: Retired
What motivated you to get involved with the CCDP? 
I consider the election of Donald Trump to be a national emergency. Instead of
complaining, I want to do everything I can to preserve democracy for my grandchildren. I see the path to that as electing Democrats who understand the value of truthfulness, inclusiveness, free quality public education and the importance of the American dream.
What led you to become a sustaining donor to CCDP?
I ran across some statistics that showed that the Republicans donated more than twice as much is the Democrats in the last election. I feel like that puts Democrats at a competitive disadvantage, and I want to do what I can to remedy that situation. Since CCDP is completely supported by donations and its own fund raising, I donated to help improve the local Democratic infrastructure. 
Why do you invest your dollars and time into CCDP? Donating makes me feel like I’m investing in what I believe in. Volunteering has given me the opportunity to put my life experience to work, to learn new things, and to meet wonderful people who share my values and goals. [Donate] as soon as you feel comfortable about it. Help support the Democratic Party to Turn Collin County Blue!
Favorite/Proudest #resist moment so far: Going to DFW Airport to support incoming immigrants after the “so-called president” issued his ban on January 28,2017.

Anything else you’d like to mention?  There are many opportunities to support the Democrats. Most importantly is VOTE…and VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET in EVERY election. RESIST!!!

If this inspires you to do the same, be like Jeanie and donate.