Help CCDP with our own Potty Bill!

Help CCDP with our own Potty Bill! (watch our video HERE)

We’ve been fighting Dan Patrick’s Potty Bill with tons of phone calls and emails to our reps.  His bill has been flushed by the Texas House.  Now we have to work on our own Potty Bill.

In the process of getting a contractor to work on the party office restroom (using funds already budgeted and approved by the CEC), an unexpected expense was noted not in our original budget – moving the entire electrical box.  This caused our bid to jump by $4,500.  To make up the shortfall, we’re having to make a big ask for support.  We have scheduled the work for after the May 6 election and need to raise the funds by then.

It is very important to the party to make our office fully functional for all members and guests.  Can you help us out? Donate HERE. ALL donation sizes are appreciated! Every little bit helps.