Mike Collier for Texas Comptroller

As a businessman in Texas, Mike successfully managed budgets at ExxonMobil, Price Waterhouse Coopers and a petroleum start up. Mike is a registered Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience in his field. As Texas Comptroller, Mike will bring his experience balancing budgets to our state budget. With a balanced budget and more accurate revenue projections, we will be able to better fund our schools, infrastructure projects and water needs for years to come. Texas deserves a certified public accountant as our comptroller, not just another politician.

Texas is a big place, with serious challenges. With a budget that’s nearly $100 billion a year, Texas needs a financial watchdog that knows how to keep an eye on the bottom line and make smart investments for the people of Texas.

Mike Collier’s been getting ready for this job his whole life. Mike Collier started his career at Exxon, but soon found his way to Price Waterhouse Coopers – one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, with tens of thousands of employees. He served in the audit practice for 10 years, eventually becoming a top aide to the PwC World Chairman.

Finally, he served in Houston as a Partner for ten years, leading a team of two dozen professionals providing due diligence, structuring, and valuation services to some of PwC’s largest and most sophisticated energy clients. Then, Mike helped build a successful Texas oil company, serving as its Chief Financial Officer. As “a cop on the beat,” Mike built a reputation for rigorous financial analysis, independent decision- making, and a commitment to telling the truth, no matter what. That’s what Texas needs right now. Texas needs a comptroller that can dig into the numbers and be a financial watchdog. Texas needs a comptroller who will blow the whistle on the boondoggles and giveaways. And Texas needs a comptroller, independent of the special interests, who isn’t afraid to tell the politicians when they’re wrong.

Texas needs Mike Collier as our next comptroller. Mike is a graduate of Georgetown High School in Williamson County and the University of Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree and MBA, and played the trumpet in the Longhorn Band. Mike and Suzanne live in the Houston area, and their two sons attend UT in Austin.

For too long, the people we’ve hired to mind Texas’ tax dollars have been more interested in their political ambition than in holding politicians accountable. Texas needs a comptroller who has the courage to tell taxpayers the truth and who has the know-how to hold the Texas legislature accountable.

As a business leader, financial professional, and Texas Democrat, Mike will bring a fresh perspective to Texas government and drive real reform in Austin.

Independent Watchdog

  • Collier would be a strong comptroller independent of the Republican power structure can hold the legislature accountable and tell taxpayers the truth about how their money is being spent—or wasted— without fear of political reprisal. •Collier will make sure the legislature’s mistakes aren’t abetted by an ambitious Republican comptroller looking to move up the political ladder. Bring Back the Texas Performance Review
  • As a CFO and a financial watchdog for some of Texas’ largest employers, Collier knows what it takes to hold Texas politicians accountable.
  • Collier will fight to reinstate the Texas Performance Review to hold government accountable. The Texas Performance Review audits state government and previously found $8.5 billion in savings.
  • Mike is uniquely qualified to lead Texas – and its decentralized state government – toward higher productivity and smarter investments, and away from boondoggles and sweetheart deals.

Invest in Education

  • As a former CFO, Collier would fight for smart investments. Despite our state’s prosperity, spending on education in Texas under Rick Perry, on a per- student basis, has declined substantially. Less money invested in schools translates to fewer economic opportunities for our children and lower economic growth in the future.
  • Collier knows, “We need reform, and we need it now, otherwise we’re going to hand our children a lousy school system, congested and dangerous roads, too little water, and a mountain of debt. Reform does not mean increasing taxes.”

Real Reform for Taxpayers

  • Collier believes the race for Texas Comptroller is not about politics. It’s about reform. Texans have suffered the enormous consequences of an incompetent, politicized Comptroller’s office.
  • Collier Would Revise Tax Revenue Estimate System to Make Budgeting More Accurate. [San Angelo Standard Times, 6/02/2014]

Interview with Mike Collier, Posted on October 6, 2014, By Charles Kuffner:

Mike Collier speaking to Collin County voters: