Sam Houston for Attorney General

As our Attorney General, we can count on Sam Houston to aggressively defend the rights of all Texans. Sam will bring the values he learned as a young man to work every day and will protect the legal rights of Texas businesses and citizens.

Sam Houston learned the Texas values that have governed his life growing up in West Texas, in the small town of Colorado City, about halfway between Midland and Abilene.

He learned the value of hard work helping at his family’s small hardware and auto parts store. No job was too small for Sam to do, from sweeping the floor to helping customers assemble a bicycle.

Sam learned the value of small businesses to his community, and he learned that successful businesses are built on trust.

He learned the value of role models and the importance of respect from his grandfather R.P. “Pete” Ainsworth, a rancher who once managed the Renderbrook Spade Ranch, and from his uncle Fred McClellan, a cotton farmer.

Sam learned the value of the law from his grandfather and he grew to admire the lawyers in Colorado City.At an early age Sam decided to become a lawyer. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and Baylor Law School. Sam began his legal career at Andrews and Kurth in Houston and now works as a partner at Shepherd, Scott, Clawater & Houston, LLP. A successful, practicing attorney for 26 years, Sam lives in Houston with his wife Jantha and their two children.

Return Office to the Taxpayer

  • Sam Houston believes that Texas’ Attorney General should focus on fighting for all Texans.
  • Sam believes that the Attorney General should serve as counsel for a constitutional solution to properly fund our Texas schools. The Attorney General’s office should clear any backlog and provide more timely replies to requests for opinions.
  • Sam would keep a watchful eye and provide counsel on new issues arising involving water rights and fracking.
  • Sam believes the Attorney protection for Texas consumers.

The People’s Law Firm

  • Sam Houston believes the Attorney General’s office is supposed to represent the people and the current attorney general has not done that. “Greg Abbott has taken the people’s law firm and turned it into the law firm of the Republican Party.” [Killeen Daily Herald, 6/1/2014]
  • Sam Houston is committed to ending several of the state’s lawsuits against the federal government and he will work to end Texas’ legal battle over public education funding and look to protect all Texans’ rights. [Killeen Daily Herald, 6/1/2014]
  • Sam Houston believes the Office of Attorney General has been politicized for too long, “The policies aren’t right, the policies aren’t protecting all Texans, and I want to take that back. And particularly now, after what happened in the Republican primary, I think it’s vitally important that I take that office.” [YNN, 7/08/2014]
  • Sam believes the Attorney General’s office requires transparency, ethics and knowledge of the law. [Y N N, 7/08/2014]
  • Sam Houston would bring 27 years of experience as a lawyer and the time working in a family store in Colorado City to work in the attorney general’s office. [Killeen Daily Herald, 6/1/2014]
  • During his run for Supreme Court in 2008, Sam Houston received 46 percent of the vote, the most of any Democrat on the ticket aside from President Barack Obama. [YNN, 7/08/2014]

Video of Texas Tribune Live October 16th conversation with Sam Houston, 2014 Democratic nominee for attorney general, and Tribune Editor-in-Chief and CEO Evan Smith: