SDEC Update from SDEC 8 Reps, Sharon & Zach

Zach Bullard and Sharon Hirsch, SDEC 8 representatives at the SDEC meeting in Austin.

Zach Bullard and Sharon Hirsch, SDEC 8 representatives at the SDEC meeting in Austin.

Last month, our State Democratic Executive Committee representatives for Senate District 8 that covers most of Collin County, Sharon Hirsch and Zach Bullard, attended the SDEC meeting.  We want to thank them for being awesome representatives and bringing us the following report. Thanks Sharon and Zach!

The State Democratic Executive Committee met in Austin on Saturday, December 17th.

This was our first meeting of the term to include committee meetings. Most of the committee meetings were introductory and few business items were on the agenda. SD8 Committeeman Zach Bullard was assigned to the Rules Committee and the Base Voters Committee. Each committee is broken into subcommittees. The rules committee is divided into 4 subgroups to work on: substantive changes, non-substantive changes, delegate selection rules, and convention processes. Zach requested to be on the substantive change sub-committee.

Zach was also assigned to the Base Voters African American, Hispanic, and Youth subcommittees. These members are tasked to review and brainstorm ways to mobilize and turnout the vote for Democrats in future elections. Finally, Zach requested to be added to the Election Processes Committee to address issues regarding conducting the primaries, election judges, and voter protection.

SD8 Committeewoman Sharon Hirsch sits on the Messaging Committee and was chosen as its secretary. The Messaging Committee heard a 2016 Communications Year End Review from Manny Garcia, Deputy Executive Director along with highlights from Brittany Switzer, TDP Digital Director. Texas took a massive step forward during the 2016 election cycle as their small communications staff turned out some incredible work. We also learned how the Texas Voices initiative is seeking experts in a variety of fields to serve as strong local allies to spread our Democratic message into communities. Committee members will learn more during a scheduled conference call in January. If you would like to nominate a local leader to help spread the TDP message, please contact Sharon at

Sharon also serves on the Base Voters (women’s issues subcommittee) and Election Processes Committees. Base Voters subcommittees will work on a campaign plan specific to the needs of their constituencies. The Election Processes subcommittees will review statutes and regulations and make recommendations for legislative matters and programs to improve electoral processes.

The General Meeting included committee reports and a short review of the 2016 campaign. Cliff Walker of the TDP noted that Hillary Clinton cut the Presidential nominee gap in Texas by half, and Texas counties saw smaller losses or even improved Democratic totals in comparison to the nation. TDP Deputy Executive Director, Manny Garcia, reported that the TDP’s media game was strong enough that it would cost over $40 million dollars to get the coverage that they earned for free. He also mentioned that Texas Democrats were more present in the media than Texas Republicans during the campaign season.

All five of the declared candidates for Chair of the Democratic National Committee  attended the meeting and spoke. All five offered positive visions for the DNC, which included changes to the primaries, the leadership style, and fundraising. All five also said it’s time for a 50 State Strategy to be taken seriously, as well as every race on the ballot and not just the top.

Zach Bullard, SD8 Committeeman

Sharon Hirsch, SD8 Committeewoman