The Unthinkable has Happened

Fellow Democrats,

“Shocked” doesn’t adequately describe how I feel right now about the outcome of this Presidential election. I confess I feel a bit of dread, loathing, and despair. Yet, it also feels self-indulgent to give into them. At times like this we are called upon to be strong for each other.

The prospect of Republicans gaining complete control of our Federal government and enacting their reactionary agenda is bad enough in and of itself. We have lived through such times before. What gives me grave concern is the character and example of the man who has been elected our leader, and the fact that so many of our fellow citizens either affirm his example or are willing to look the other way. I am concerned that we have dark times ahead of us. I hope they will not be as bad as my worst fears. But to be frank, they may be worse.

In a democracy it’s inevitable that we win some elections and we lose some. And when we lose we pick ourselves up and plan for the next one. This one is no different in that sense. But it’s very different in another. The very values that we espouse are under attack and it’s vital that we not cower or withdraw in defeat. We must stand tall for justice, opportunity, and respect for all, and for basic human decency.  We cannot let that wretched man set the standard for what is socially acceptable. And with his nomination and election the Republican Party has forfeited any pretense of holding the high ground morally. It’s ours now, and we need to act like it.

Our calling as Democrats is to care for each other, especially the weak and oppressed. We must continue the fight to build a better America, and we will prevail. And when we do, we must look back on these times and remember that democracy and justice require continual nurturing in order to thrive. Let us now set ourselves to the task of keeping them alive.