June is Immigrant Heritage Month!

ImmigrantHeritageCollin County communities are all set to mark the third annual Immigrant Heritage Month in June 2016. This is a nationwide event to gather and share inspirational stories of immigrants across the USA “as a source of pride”.  Activities during the month, from New York to DFW to LA, include engaging constituents, faith leaders, the arts, civic organizers, businesses and the media in celebration.

Your individual support will be instrumental in the success of the month. You can help to spread the message of the fundamental importance to Texas Values of celebrating and sharing immigrant stories across the generations.


Scott Coleman, candidate for Texas House of Representatives District 67, is marking the month by making presentations to communities in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor, in Plano and in Allen, focusing on Education and Immigrant Heritage.  Scott’s message will be on a strong Family Value….the Value of Education for the Next Generation.

Scott’s vision for Texas Education is “the best education system in the nation”.  Everyone who shares Scott’s Family Value of a Good Education will want to join his Community Event at 5 pm on June 25 at Collin College Conference Center.


Many of our inspiring 2016 Immigrant Heritage stories are right here in the Richardson Telecom Corridor, in Plano and in Allen, which collectively boast one of the fastest growing startup scenes in the nation.

FWD.us marked Immigrant Heritage Month by holding a Global Innovators Pitch Challenge on June 20, 2016. Startups owned by immigrants will competed for a cash prize and an opportunity to celebrate Dallas’ diverse community of innovators. Pitches were judged by top tech innovators & community leaders. The Challenge was held at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

Contributed by Dwight Briggs, Chair Precinct 94