A Special Thank You to the Candidates Who Did Not Finish First

by Tarek Lucien Radjef, long time Collin County Democrat

A Special Thank You to the Candidates Who Did Not Finish First

Tanner Do, Mark Watson, Jerry Zimmerer, Larry Praeger, Brandy Voss, Peter Kelly, William Pierrat Demond, Dan Wood, Steven Miears, Aimee Garza Lopez, Rocio Hernandez, Anthony Lo, Jon Cocks, Carol Scarborough, Manu Lail, Will Maiberger!

March 19, 2020

Some of us remember 2012 when the Democratic Party was only able to field half dozen candidates in Collin County. This year, thanks to you plus the four in a runoff and those who will represent our party in the general election, the Party fielded over three dozen candidates and has a chance to turn Collin County BLUE for the first time in a long while.

The people of Collin County, not just the Democrats, are indebted to you as your time, your effort, your money, your personal sacrifices and your dedication have already made Collin County a better place.

If some of you are thinking about disengaging from the “battle,” now is not the time!

The Collin County Democratic Party needs your knowledge, your experiences, and yes, your wisdom. You were a candidate because you cared about people and this sentiment will not go away. Please join the Coordinated Campaign to help elect other candidates and/or join the Party’s various other Committees.

You are needed to help local Democrats’ organizations evolve in a way that reflects the new demographics of the county. You may also give serious consideration to joining the campaign of the candidate against whom you competed.

Finally, under normal circumstances attending the Collin County Democratic Convention on March 21st would be suggested if you had not already planned to do so.

Throughout history UNITY has been the key to the underdogs’ successes. Here again, joining forces will be required to win in November.

To all 2020 candidates! Thank you! Thank you!