County Executive Committee (Precinct Chairs)

Democratic Party Precinct Chairs are the grassroots lifeblood of the Democratic Party. Collectively, they make up the Democratic Party County Executive Committee (CEC).  The CEC conducts important party business, and — most importantly — they play a critical role in organizing voter turnout in their respective election precincts.

Precinct Chairs are publicly elected party officials elected by Democratic primary election voters of an election precinct. If a vacancy exists between primary elections, precinct chairs can be appointed by a majority vote of the members of the County Executive Committee.  The term of office for a precinct chair is two years, beginning on the 20th day following the party’s Primary Runoff Election.

In what precinct do you live? If you don’t know your precinct number, you can either look at the Voter Registration Certificate mailed to you by the Collin County Registrar’s Office, or you can click here to go to the County Registrar’s website to check online for your precinct number.  Look for the box on your card titled “Prec. No.” to find your Election Precinct Number.

If you do not see your precinct number in the table below, that means there is no Precinct Chair in office in your precinct. If you are interested in learning more about being a Precinct Chair, please follow this link, Apply to be a Precinct Chair. At the top of that page, there is a fill-able PDF form with instructions for completion and submission.  On the second page of the PDF you will find a Description of Duties. 

Precinct Name

1 Keri Pack
2 Mick Quinlan
4 William Woodfin
9 Carlos Cuellar
12 Jennifer Mott
13 Mara Walser
14 Greg Wittenbrook
15 Cynthia Daniel
16 David Beck
17 Juan Sanchez
19 Paul Hart
21 Catherine Casavant
22 Susan Knapp
23 Eleanor Evans
24 Brenda Willis
25 John Rouse
28 Mike Agan
31 Lisa Truett
33 Annette Archer
34 Sreedhar “Sree” Yedavalli
36 Jeanie Lemons
37 Jerry Johnson
38 Karen Hearne
39 Maury Marcus
40 Dianne Mayo
41 Hope Swancy Haslam
45 Dee Murray
47 Mary James Hillard DePeri
48 Joel Montfort
49 Robert A. Miller
50 Pearl Lewis
51 Jennifer Grantham
52 Jaime G. Lozano
53 Ann Grannan
54 Susan Prober Lavigne
55 David Mulcahy
56 Tom Ambrose
57 Lisa Paine
58 Lee Hardiman
59 Stan Darnell
60 J.D. Allen
61 Trish Patterson
62 John Stafford
64 Hazel Weathers
65 Pauline Gallagher
66 John Wagoner
67 Cara Prentice
68 Debra Wilkison
69 Subir Purkayastha
70 Larry W. Jackson
71 Rita De Young
76 Michelle Solis
77 Kidus Solomon
78 Marc Hirsch
79 Bridgett Mitchell
80 Marta Jones
82 Connie Cooley
83 Mitch Sotelo
84 JC Puckett
85 Zachary Kolodny
86 Barbara Oldenburg
91 Ken Gorham
94 Dwight Briggs
98 Celeste Kennedy
101 Fred Lusk
103 David Smith
108 Annette Miller
109 Amanda Ghagar
110 Cindy Hollocker
111 Stephanie Hawver
112 Sakina Hussain
113 Sameena Karmally
115 Kristi Lara
116 Diane Pizarro
117 Sharon Stark
119 Paula Simpson Hall
120 Diane Robinson Bolak
121 Rekha Shenoy
122 Teresa Acosta
123 Jeanne Curtis
124 Josh Dreis-Ornelas
125 Vickie Parker
126 Kristin Whitaker
127 Virginia Burgan
128 Dick Hildenbrand
130 Debbie O’Reilly
131 Beatriz McKnight
132 Micky Mayer
133 David Brignac
134 Sadaf Haq
135 Roland Lund
140 Tonya Parks
141 Tarrah Lantz
144 Terrill W. Brandon
145 Shawn Ahsan
146 Jeanette Kelley
149 Gavin Nicholson
151 Craig Petersen
155 Larry Truesdale
156 Marta Pinkston
157 Simon To
158 Alex Brown-Moore
163 Harshitha Holmes
167 Melanie Chevalier
173 Robyn Cain
174 Steve Grossman
177 Mark Anis
179 Juley Welch
180 Sherrie Byrd-Johnson
189 Kathy Snyder
197 Tracy Pursell
203 Misty Hook
211 Kevin Numerick
212 Yvonne Broach
213 Manu Lail
214 Viviana Baca
215 Marie Biggs
217 Cristina Araiza
219 Melissa Hewson
220 Charlotte McKenzie
221 Juanita Puente
222 Uvolin Graham
223 Leena Prabhu
226 Blondene Taite