Administration Committees

The Administration and Governance Apparatus consists of the committees and officers whose principal function involves the administration and governance functions of the Party. It is organized according to the prevailing organizational chart adopted by the County Executive Committee, and operates under the direction of the Vice Chair who is the chief officer responsible for activities of Party Administration and Governance.

Administration and Governance Apparatus

Administration Committee
Chair: Frederick Nickens

The Administration Committee has jurisdiction over staff, hiring, facilities, organizational structure as per vote of the CEC.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Chair: Judith Reiter

We serve as an advisory, ombudsman and support role to committees for the purpose promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of party operations. This Committee shall coordinate with the Activist Recruitment and Training Committee to develop and maintain a list of activists and precinct chairs which identifies the individual’s profession and special skills so that those qualified to fulfill roles within the party are more readily identifiable.

Finance Committee
Chaired by CCDP Treasurer Jon Cocks

The Finance Committee shall assist the County Chair in complying with all financial reporting requirements mandated by Texas law. Budgets and expenditures are  confirmed by vote of the CEC.

Rules and Bylaws Committee
Chair: Gavin Nicholson

Rules and Bylaws Committee is responsible for creating rules and bylaws for the CCDP. In its purview shall better define the following concepts: committees, ad hoc committees, standing committees, and subcommittees; shall consider adding to the standards for removal of committee members and committee chairs. In addition, the Rules and Bylaws Committee should consider whether such a body would comport with Texas Democratic Party Rules and Roberts Rules of Order.

Volunteer Coordination Team
Team Leader: Carrie Petersen

Our team reaches out to new volunteers to find out what they are most interested in doing with CCDP and connects them to the team, committee, club, or campaign to get them started.   We also reach out to our pool of volunteers when our committees or teams need help with events or campaign activities.  Volunteers are the life-blood of the Democratic party, and we want to make sure everyone is appreciated and has a place in CCDP.

Voting Rights Committee
Chair: Tom Adair 

The Voting Rights Committee protects voting rights, advocates for policies that strengthen and expand the franchise, educates the public about voting, expands the electorate, and furthers Democratic principles in Collin County.  As the United States Supreme Court has stated, the right to vote is fundamental because it is protective of all other rights.

Voter Deputy Registration Team
Team Leaders Sharon Stark and Barb Walters,

Volunteer Deputy Registrar Leads (VDR Leads) define the process and importance of the Volunteer Deputy Registrar role, facilitate training and certification of VDRs, maintain a database and email list of current VDRs, and contribute to planning and execution of voter registration events in the County year round.

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