Clubs, Organizations, and the Democratic Party

Political clubs and organizations and their members have an impact on connecting with grassroots voters to build the base of voters our candidates need to win election.

It is during election time that local clubs and organizations, working together with the party organization, become most important, when political interest is at its height. This is the time when club activists help register and qualify new voters, and assist in various candidates’ election campaigns.

Motivated individual grassroots activists, who make up local clubs and organizations, must help Get Out The Vote to elect our candidates to office. They must make phone calls, stuff envelopes, knock on doors, organize their friends and relatives, e-mail everybody on their lists, message their FaceBook friends, march in the streets, attend rallies, volunteer for leadership, write letters to editors, lobby legislators, distribute petitions, donate money, and in countless other ways make great personal sacrifice for what they believe in.  They— you—must make the difference!

Whether you are more comfortable as an individual activist, or being active within the county and state levels of the Texas Democratic Party or as a member of a local political club or organization, I hope your participation in the political process doesn’t end this year with just attending this or the State Democratic Party Convention.

PLEASE, get active and stay active in our democratic process.  That is the only way our American “by the people, for the people, and of the people” form of democratic government can successfully function, or even survive.

Each of you are not just representatives of the Democratic Party, you are representatives for our local, state and national policy interests.  Please, talk to your friends, your family, and your neighbors about the issues you believe are important to Texas and America.  Explain to them why you believe our Democratic candidates best serve the interests of Collin County,  Texas, and America.

Michael D. Handley
2014 State Convention Senate District 8 Delegation Chair