Collin County Community Update – December 5, 2023

Most of the local cities are conducting business as usual. An issue in a couple of the cities is zoning for more apartment-like housing. Plano and Richardson are trying to balance single-unit homes with the need for more housing in general.

Parker police will be receiving new police cars. They are also trying to figure out the environmental impact and water impact of new development and a new wastewater plant.

Richardson has been active, and one of the discussions was the naming process for the new parks and refitted parks. The council wanted a solid process for how the places are named, vowing to honor Richardson residents.

Richardson has also been active in building its community outreach group. Goals presented, but not finalized, are:

  • Work to advance unity, understanding, and collaboration with ever-changing diverse stakeholders.
  • Promote inclusion and participation of all stakeholders in our diverse community.
  • Assist all stakeholders in gaining a working knowledge of the city government and the community.
  • As directed by the City Council, review plans, programs, projects, and services.
  • Support the City’s efforts in soliciting feedback from all stakeholders of our diverse community.
  • Assist with developing a diverse group of engaged leaders who are representative of the community.

The city is showing concern for communities not often active in the council.

The Richardson Council is also working hard to figure out what city it is to be with their comprehensive goals. The plan is all-encompassing and will need to be watched. It runs the gamut of wanting to be a tree-designated city restricting tree cutting, to be a bike-friendly city, to changing the city charter – which can mean anything. The ambitions of the council are commendable, but with great ambition can also come unanticipated issues and unplanned directions for the council to start heading. These ambitions need to remain, as most seem to be, environmental, tolerant, and looking forward.

by Bill Christman