Please feel free to contact your Leadership Team with any questions or concerns.  We are here to serve you.


Mike Rawlings, County Chair
County Chair

Caroline Werner 

Caleb Milne, Vice Chair
Vice Chair

Caleb Milne

Jon Cocks, Treasurer

Harry J. Hickey 

Macey Burns, Secretary

Macey Burns

JC Puckett, Data Director

Data Director

JC Puckett

JC Puckett, Data Director
Deputy Data Director

Jeremy Sutka

Committee Chairs & Team Leaders

Frederick Nickens, Administration Committee Chair
Administration Committee Chair

Caleb Milne

Steve Lavine, Candidate Development Team Co-Chair
Communications Director 

Michael Tijerina 

David Evans, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Co-Chair
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

David Evans

Amanda Massengale, Chair, Fundraising Committee
Fundraising Director

Amanda Massengale

Dr. Misty Hook, Local Politics Director
Local Politics Director

Dr. Misty Hook

Beatriz McKnight, Chair, Community Outreach Committee
Outreach Committee Chair


Vickie Parker, Precinct Chair Operations Committee Chair
Precinct Chair Operations Committee Chair

Vickie Parker

Gavin Nicholson, Rules and Bylaws Committee Chair
Rules & Bylaws Committee Chair

Wayne Massengale

Volunteer Coordinator

Macey Burns

Elisa Klein, Candidate Development Team Co-Chair
Volunteer Deputy Registrar Lead 

Jeremy Matthews 

Tom Adair, Voter Protection Committee Chair
Voter Protection Committee Chair

Tom Adair


Debbie O'Reilly, Executive Director
Executive Director

Amanda Massengale

Debbie O'Reilly, Executive Director
Field Director

Brett Davis