Please feel free to contact your Leadership Team with any questions or concerns.  We are here to serve you.


Mike Rawlings, Chair
County Chair

Mike Rawlins

Diane Bolak, Vice Chair
Vice - Chair

Diane Bolak

David Smith, Treasurer


David Smith

Carrie Peterson, Secretary


Carrie Petersen

Jeffrey Quiggle, Communications Director
Communications Director

Jeffrey Quiggle

JC Puckett, Data Director

Data Director

JC Puckett

Committee Chairs & Team Leaders

Vickie Parker, Activist Recruitment and Training Committee Chair
Activist Recruitment & Training Committee Chair

Vickie Parker

Diane Bolak, Administration Committee Chair
Administration Committee Chair

Diane Bolak

Carrie Petersen, Ann Richards Dinner Chair
Ann Richards Dinner Committee Chair

Carrie Petersen

Catherine Casavant, Community Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Events & Outreach Committee    Co-Chair

Catherine Casavant 

Beatriz McKnight, Community Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Events & Outreach Committee    Co-Chair

Beatriz McKnight 

John SHanks, Coordinated Campaign Committee Chair
Coordinated  Campaign Committee Chair

John Shanks

Blondene Taite, Diversity Chair
Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Blondene Taite

John Stafford, Fundraising Chair
Fundraising Committee Chair

John Stafford

Tim Murphree, Rules Chair
Rules & Bylaws Committee Chair

Tim Murphree

Tom Adair, Voter Protection Team Lead
 Voter Protection Committee Chair

Tom Adair



John Shanks, Executive Director
Executive Director

John Shanks

Carrie Peterson, Secretary
Office Manager

Carrie Petersen