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Sheena King, County Chair
County Chair

Sheena King

Macey Burns, Secretary

Macey Burns

Jeremy Sutka, Vice Chair
Vice Chair

Jeremy Sutka

Gregg Watling, Treasurer

Gregg Watling

Committee Chairs

Jeremy Sutka, Administration Committee Chair
Administration Committee Chair

Jeremy Sutka

Harry Hickey, Finance Committee Chair
Finance Committee Chair

Gregg Watling

Susan Plonka, Fundraising Committee Chair
Fundraising Committee Chair

Susan Plonka

Liz Michel, Candidate Recruitment Chair
Candidate Recruitment Chair

Liz Michel

Michael Tijerina, Communications Chair
Communications Committee Chair

Michael Tijerina

MacKenzie Jenkins, Coordinated Campaign Chair
Coordinated Campaign Committee Chair

MacKenzie Jenkins

Matthew Modesitt, Data Chair
Data Committee Chair

Matthew Modesitt

David Evans, Events & Outreach Chair
Events & Outreach Committee Chair

David Evans

Michael Casavant, Precinct Chair Operations Chair
Precinct Chair Operations Committee Chair

Michael Casavant

Devin House, Rules & Bylaws Chair
Rules & Bylaws Committee Chair

Devin House

Brant Beland, VDR Lead
Voter Registration Committee Chair

Brant Beland

Tom Adair, Voter Rights Chair
Voter Rights Committee Chair

Tom Adair

Sheena King
Primary Committee


Tamara Thomas, Johnson-Richards Dinner Co-Chair
Johnson-Richards Dinner Sub-Committee

Tamara Thomas

Johnson-Richards Dinner Sub-Committee

Suzanne Manley

Additional Leadership

JC Puckett, Data Director
Data Director

JC Puckett

Simon Salinas, Council of Clubs Liaison
Council of Clubs Liaison

Simon Salinas