Collin County Democrats Take on US House of Representative Actions on 8/1/2014

(McKinney, Texas) The Democratic Party of Collin County believes the partisan vote by the US House of Representatives this evening was nothing but a shameful event, denying immigrant children the opportunity to realize their dreams. Likewise, the failure of the US House to fund the Compassionate Care Relief package to the amount requested by the President, is a further sign that the Republican lead House has lost touch with the founding vision of our fore-fathers, which has always been to welcome immigrants to the US from less than desirable living conditions, and helping those who flee from political oppression and lawless regimes.   The Republican lead US House of Representatives has sent a message this evening that it does not support an open door policy for those who seek new opportunities in this great Country. All of the Texas Delegation to the US Congress, including representatives Sam Johnson and Pete Sessions, representing Collin County residents, voted in favor of the limited spending bill and provisions making it easier to deport children back to Central America. The votes and the outcome of this evening’s congressional action by the US House of Representatives is disappointing and shameful for all of us who embrace family values, the principals of freedom and the American Dream.