Elections and Voting Information for Collin County

2024 Presidential Election Countdown

Last Day to Register to Vote: Mon, Oct 7, 2024 | Early Voting: Mon, Oct 21, 2024 | Election Day: Tues, Nov 5, 2024

CCDP  Voter  Issue  Hotline: 469-931-2151
Texas  Democratic  Party  Voter  Hotline: 1-844-TX-Votes


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Three EASY Steps to Voting!

1. Register

You must be registered 30 days before an election to be eligible to vote. Your registration should stay valid year after year as long as you vote regularly. Update your address every time you move.
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2. Prepare

All you need is your ID, but you can take your voter registration card to be extra prepared. If you like to research candidates, do it in advance--you won't be allowed to have your phone out at the polls.
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3. Vote

Voting early is the best way -- you can vote anywhere and there are usually no lines, plus you will stop getting calls/texts when we know you have voted!

Early Voting Locations/Hours
Election Day Locations/Hours
Most people can vote following the above steps, but every eligible voter has a right to cast their vote. Here are some other ways to make your voice heard.

Early Voting Hours (General)


Election Day Voting Hours (General)

7:00AM - 7:00PM

Voter Resources

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2024 Candidates


President & Vice President

Joseph R. Biden & Kamala Harris

U.S. Senate

Colin Allred

U.S. Rep. District 3

Sandeep Srivastava

U.S. Rep. District 4

Simon Cardell

U.S. Rep. District 32

Julie Johnson

Countywide Races
constable, pct. 3

Cesar Avila

County commissioner, pct. 3

Yvette Johnson

County tax assessor

Stephanie Cooksey

District Races
Texas Senate Districts
Texas SD 8

Rachel Mello

Texas SD 30

Dale Frey

Texas State House Districts 
Texas HD 61

Tony Adams

Texas HD 66

David Carstens

Texas HD 67

Makala Washington

Texas HD 70

Mihaela Plesa

Texas HD 89

Darrel Evans 

Other Districts Races
state board of Education, place 12

George King

Chief Justice, 5th Ct. of Appeals

Staci Williams

fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 2

Robbie Partida-Kipness


fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 5

Erin Nowell

fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 9

Tina Yoo Clinton

fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 10

Amanda Reichek

fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 11

Kim Cooks

fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 12

Ken Molberg

fifth district ct. of appeals, pl 13

Tonya Parker

Statewide Races
Railroad Commissioner

Katherine Culbert

JusTice, Supreme Court, Place 2

Dasean Jones

JusTice, Supreme Court, Place 4

Christine Vinh Weems

JusTice, Supreme Court, Place 6

Bonnie Lee Goldstein

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

Holly Taylor

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7

Nancy Mulder

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8

Chika Anyiam

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