Candidates & Election Information

The General Election is November 6, 2018.  Early voting starts Monday, October 22d and runs through Friday, November 2nd.

Our general election candidates.

Am I registered to vote? How do I register to vote?  You can check your voter registration status and register here.

Where and when do I vote? Early voting is October 22 – November 2, 2018. Election Day is November 6th. In Collin County, you can vote at ANY open polling location both during early voting and on election day.  Current Election Information can be found here. Polling locations will be posted to the website approximately one month before Early Voting begins.

What do I need to bring to the polls? You need your voter registration card and an approved form of photo ID.  This link is to the Collin County Election Administrator’s website.  This is the official information regarding voter ID laws.  You can also bring with you a sample ballot. We highly recommend printing and completing a sample ballot to take with you to the polls.  This gives you an opportunity to research the candidates before stepping into the voting booth and choosing which candidates you wish to elect.  It can help speed your voting process and make sure you are voting for your informed choices.

If you have ANY issues voting, please stop out of the voting center and call our office (972) 578-1483. DO NOT leave the voting center premises.  You should NOT be turned away from voting.

Absentee & By-Mail Voting: Absentee and Vote By Mail information can be found here.

Voting with disabilities:  The Collin County Election Administrator, Bruce Sherbet, believes strongly in everyone having good access to voting. You can find information for voters with disabilities here. Additional information can be found here.