County Convention

Collin County Democratic Party County Convention

Saturday, March 19, 2022. Convenes at 10:00 am, On-site registration opens at 9:00 am

Lovejoy High School
2350 Estates Parkway
Lucas, TX 75002

Now that you’ve voted in the Primary (you HAVE voted in the Primary, right?), it’s time to start planning to attend the County Convention, Saturday, March 19th!

This is the premier opportunity for rank-and-file Democrats to participate in the party’s business!

Start by registering here:

Please share this link with your Democratic friends!  If you didn’t vote in the Democratic Primary, you may still register to attend so long as you did not vote in the Republican Primary.

Our County Convention brings together Democrats from the three Senate Districts in Collin County (2, 8 and 30) at Lovejoy High School to:

  • Elect delegates to the Texas State Democratic Convention, July 14 – 16 in Dallas
  • Discuss and pass resolutions about important issues, and recommend changes to the state party platform and rules
  • Hear from our nominees and run-off candidates

You don’t have to be a seasoned pro or long-time activist to attend this event and make your voice heard! You’ll meet friendly like-minded folks, learn about candidates, campaigns and issues, and be an important part of the process.

While we’re excited about meeting face-to-face, expect those faces to be masked. We are requesting everyone take appropriate precautions, including vaccinations and/or masking, to avoid transmitting COVID-19 and other viruses. PLEASE NOTE: as this is meeting open to the general public, under Texas Election Code and state party rules we cannot legally mandate any of these measures. Be aware that there may be some attendees who do not comply. If you are not comfortable with these conditions, please do not plan to attend.

You do not need to attend the County Convention to be appointed as a delegate to the state convention.  Please fill out the registration form anyway and indicate you wish to attend the state convention. However, also note that the state convention will also be in person under the same conditions with no option for virtual participation.

If you’d like to volunteer to help organize the convention or would like to serve on one of the four statutory committees (Credentials, Rules, Resolutions, Nominations) which will meet before and during the convention, please email

The four convention committees and their responsibilities are:

  • Credentials – determine eligibility of registrants to be delegates to the County Convention
  • Nominations – nominate persons wishing to be delegates to the state convention
  • Platform and Resolutions – consider for submission to the state convention resolutions and changes to the state party platform, and local resolutions
  • Rules and Procedures – recommend special rules for the conduct of the county convention and changes to the state party rules

We expect the convention to adjourn around 1:00 pm and are making no plans to provide lunch.

You can find more information about the upcoming conventions at