Democratic Clubs And Organizations

Collin County Young Democrats (CCYD) is a grassroots group of Democrats aged 14-40 in Collin County. CCYD’s goal is to build a permanent bloc of young Democratic voters in Collin County.

Women Organizing Women Democrats (WOW Dems) is a North Texas-based organization dedicated to advancing Democratic women in politics.

The Democratic Network (DemNet) educates Democratic activists about current events and political issues that impact our communities with a topical forum event each month. We also encourage and aid the formation of groups that will allow Democrats to expand their personal networks and influence.

The Democratic Club at Heritage Ranch represents residents of Heritage Ranch community who share a common interest in the principles of the Democratic Party.

  • President: Juley Welch
  • Andy Lepine: Treasurer
  • Cathy Mangarelli: Political Activities Chair