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The Collin County Democratic Party is looking to recruit election workers for paid positions for the 2024 Elections.

The current election we are collecting availability for is the March 5 Democratic Primary election, with Early Voting from February 21-March 1.

Please complete this form if you are interested in helping out.

NOTE:Election workers are paid by the county, except for the Primary Election Day. Many workers choose to donate the Primary Election Day pay to the Collin County Democratic Party, furthermore, some other workers choose to donate all their pay to the Collin County Democratic Party. We are grateful for any and all donations to the party.

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Note that Early Voting for the Democratic Primary runs from Tuesday, Feburary 21, 2024 through Friday, March 1, 2024. Election Day is Tuesday, March 5. While it is preferred to work as many hours as possible each day (open to close) and it is preferred to have clerks during early voting able to work most/all days, it is not required and the Presiding Judge and Alternate Judge will assign your schedule based on your availability.

Election Judge: Each polling location will have one Presiding Judge (usually Republican) and one Alternate Judge (usually Democrat) during Early Voting. On Primary Election Day, there will be two Democratic Election Judges (Presiding and Alternate). The Judges preside over the election operations and should work as a team.

Election Clerks: Election clerks assist the voters by qualifying them to vote, helping them use the ballot marking devices, and casting their ballot

For more information on the role of Election Judges and Clerks please view the handbook here.

BALLOT BOARD: Members process mail-in ballots (verify ID numbers and signature, prepare ballots for scanning); review daily paperwork received from early voting locations; close polls and collect voting media for early voting locations; and assist with provisional ballot processing.

Ballot Board schedule is different from Election Clerks/Judges. Ballot Board work begins prior to the start of early voting. For example, for the March primary, we may start anywhere between February 5 and February 12. We typically start work at 9 AM and work until the day’s tasks have been completed but not longer than 4 PM. Election Day is the exception as we generally start later in the day. We work weekends after early voting begins, including the weekend after early voting ends. We are paid for a minimum of 4 hours each day. Pay has been the same as for poll workers. There is flexibility if members need to leave a bit early, but we really need them to start at 9 AM. Staffing needs vary throughout the election cycle, but we will need the most people during the early voting period and the following weekend. We plan to provide training for new members prior to commencement of Ballot Board work. All work takes place at the Elections Office in McKinney.

For more information on the role of the Ballot Board, please view the handbook here.

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