Collin County Democratic Party Podcast - Come and Hear It!

Episode 10- “I’m Sorry, Does Your Party Have Solutions on Healthcare?” – Come and Hear It!

In this episode, we interview Laura Gunn, who is our candidate for Texas House District 33. She tells us all about her campaign and what she will bring to Austin once elected. After, we discuss the composition of a typical Republican Attack Ad, focusing on four main themes: Strong Borders, Too Liberal for Texas, Socialism, and Walkway Memes.

Articles about Voting Apps:
West Virginia to introduce mobile phone voting for midterm elections

Articles about Gerrymandering:
How Texas Republicans’ gerrymandering could backfire in 2018

Supreme Court reverses decision on Texas districts

Voting rights groups say a citizens commission could fix gerrymandering. It’s unlikely to happen.

With a supermajority, Republicans have complete control of the Texas Senate. That’s at risk this election cycle.

Articles about School and State Funding:

Texas projects state funding for schools to drop as local revenue grows

‘I Work 3 Jobs And Donate Blood Plasma to Pay the Bills.’ This Is What It’s Like to Be a Teacher in America

Billionaires v teachers: the Koch brothers’ plan to starve public education

Republican Governor Thinks $40,000 Is Too Much To Pay Teachers, Vetoes Minimum Salary

Articles about Beto and Midterm Elections:
Cruz, O’Rourke agree to 3 debates

Well, This Is Despicable. Ted Cruz is Mailing Contribution Spam Disguised as County Summons.

Surprisingly Close Texas Senate Race Sparks Testy Debate For Cruz, O’Rourke

Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke Debate Who Is ‘Out of Step’ With Texas

Beto-Cruz debate: In this knife fight, Cruz drew more blood

Obamacare lawsuit boosts Democrats in state AG races

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