Lulu Seikaly

Forward Together

Lulu Seikaly

21 July 2020

by Lulu Seikaly

On July 14th, Collin County Democrats made history. We refused to be silenced in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and a complete lack of leadership from our state’s highest officials. We made our voices heard, setting an impressive new record for voter turnout.

I greatly appreciate every volunteer, election worker, staffer, party member, and precinct chair who was instrumental in making this primary a success. I would also like to thank each candidate and their families who put themselves in the public sphere and worked innumerable hours to make our country better. I particularly want to thank Sean McCaffity, his family, and his team for their passion and commitment to our community.

The message from that night was loud and clear: Collin County is ready for change. We don’t need pundits or talking heads to tell us Collin County is a battleground because we can see it every day. On the (virtual) campaign trail, I hear over and over again that people are tired of feeling like we don’t have a voice in Washington. Communities across Collin County need a representative who will fight for us, putting North Texas ahead of special interests or Trump’s agenda. Despite campaigning on a “bipartisan” approach, Congressman Van Taylor has proven to be just another career politician and Trump crony.

We have momentum on our side, and if we come together, I know we can make history again this November. It will take hard work from all of us, but we can show Congressman Taylor that his dark money and special interests are no match for a grassroots, people-powered movement that is committed to bringing real change to our community. While things feel more contentious than ever, we have an opportunity here in Collin County to choose a different path. Let’s leave hate and discord to the White House and the GOP. Instead, let’s choose unity over division and bring our community together.

The stakes are high in this election, and our community is facing real challenges that require bold new leadership at every level of government. We need a strong, unified Democratic party to usher in that change up and down the ballot.

As we continue to adapt to campaigning during a global pandemic, I look forward to earning your support as your nominee for the 3rd Congressional District. Working with Democrats across Collin County, I pledge to be a partner in strengthening and unifying the party so that we can elect a new generation of leaders in November and for years to come.

But I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Please reach out to our campaign if you want to volunteer. If you know someone who wants experience in politics, we can always use interns. If you have a room in your home, we need supporter housing for our incoming staff. Whether it’s making calls or hosting a virtual fundraiser, everyone in our community can play a role in turning Collin County blue.

I am honored to be your nominee, and I look forward to working with all of you to bring fair representation to Collin County.

Now let’s get out there and win this thing!