Apartment Ambassadors!

Democratic Voters are in Apartments! 

Apartment Ambassadors is a CCDP project focused on where many Democratic voters live and are harder to reach, in apartments.

The political leanings of renters are significantly more Democratic than homeowners. But as we know, apartment residents often live behind gates, in big buildings, and can have apartment management interfere between them and campaign outreach. It is notably tougher to reach apartment residents, a big part of our Democratic base. Approximately 30% of the eligible voting age population are renters!!

Voter Registration & Get Out the Vote (GOTV) 

Apartment Ambassadors is a multi-pronged and evolving approach to reaching apartment residents. The project originally involved just voter registration, but it is expanding to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts and candidate campaign coordination.

This project is all about finding creative ways of reaching apartment residents. Democratic candidates, especially in Texas, desperately need their votes to win in November!

If you are want to learn more about Apartment Ambassadors and help get out the Democratic vote, please email jeremymatthews007@gmail.com.