If you believe in what the CCDP is doing……

can you give me $5?

What an amazing year! In the last six months alone, we Democrats have made tremendous progress towards ending one-party rule in Collin County.  We have knocked on doors, held phone banks, registered many new voters, garnered media mentions, participated in local parades, festivals and other local events, including the Paxton corruption protest on the steps of the county courthouse.  Our recent Ann Richards Gala was hugely successful, with keynote speaker Joaquin Castro and the ever popular Gloria Campos as emcee.  In short, our local party has been on fire and Collin County is taking notice!

But much remains to be done before we can declare “mission accomplished.” Our primary goal is to elect Democrats to represent us in county and state government.  Thus far, we have recruited a record number of excellent candidates and expect more to declare before the filing deadline.  Now that we have convinced them to run, we must support them in every way that we can.

If you are reading this, we know you care about what we’re doing in Collin County.  We have recently re-branded our party to reflect the rising blue energy in the county and will soon relocate our office for improved access and visibility.  We are focused on the rapidly approaching March primary, and we need your help and support.

Can you give us $5 a month, or increase your current donation by $5? A donation of only five dollars a month from each of us will go a long way toward achieving the financial stability critical to our party winning in 2016. Every dime we receive stays right here in Collin County. Click here to donate.   We are in it to win it!