Jim Hogan for Agriculture Commissioner

Jim Hogan isn’t running for Texas Agriculture Commissioner as a politician. He’s running as a farmer. With over 40 years of experience in dairy and cattle farming, Jim is uniquely qualified for the office of Agriculture Commissioner. He understands the challenges that Texas farmers face every day. Jim is not using the office of Agriculture Commissioner to launch his own political career. Rather he believes in our state’s proud tradition of farming and ranching and is ready to work to ensure them for generations to come.

Jim Hogan is a Cleburne farmer and insurance agent. His greatest asset is his experience in agriculture. The office of the Agriculture Commissioner has always demanded that the candidates be experienced in agriculture as the main qualification. The knowledge that Hogan has gained from owning and operating a dairy farm from 1973 to 2005 will serve him well. He currently runs a small cow-calf operation and sells hay.

Jim Hogan believes his candidacy for the office of Texas Agriculture Commissioner has been both refreshing and inspiring. Hogan accepts no campaign donations and has no staff. He did not give up his day job to travel throughout Texas, but he has made a serious effort to reach the people of the state. Hogan uses the media to reach Texans in order to spread more information than he could on his own.

Jim Hogan is extremely knowledgeable about the economics of irrigated agriculture and the functions of the Texas Department of Agriculture. Hogan is ready to shake things up from his first day in office. He believes that being Agriculture Commissioner is like running a business, “you gotta get your hands around it.”

Fighting For A Better Texas: Jim Hogan’s Vision for Agriculture Commissioner:

  • Hogan is committed to working hard as Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner. He will devote himself to the duties of the office to ensure they are carried out with knowledge and achievement. He pledges that the money that Texans have entrusted to the office will be used with wisdom and care. [Texas Tribune, 5/23/2014]
  • Hogan pledges to be an active Agriculture Commissioner, visiting every field office across the state to work with the staff running them. [The Eagle, 2/17/2014]
  • As Agriculture Commissioner, Hogan would bring water from the Gulf of Mexico to desalination plants to augment the state’s water supplies. [Pampa News, 2/08/2014]
  • Hogan believes more Texans should buy and consume foods grown in Texas. [The Eagle, 2/17/2014]
  • Hogan believes that children’s school lunches should be a top priority for the Agriculture Commissioner and that decisions should be made with the consultation of parents. [Texas Tribune, 3/03/2014]