Apply to Become a Precinct Chair

Apply to Become a Precinct Chair

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What is a Precinct Chair?

Precinct Chairs are an integral part of the Collin County Democratic Party’s (CCDP) leadership structure. The body of Precinct Chairs form the CEC, which is the governing body of the CCDP. Precinct Chairs are required to attend meetings of the CEC (usually 4th Tuesdays of the month at 7:15 pm) during which time the business of the party is conducted. Learning the rules of the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) and the CCDP along with basic knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order is expected.

The Precinct Chair is a party official, elected to a two-year term in the Democratic Party Primary in even-numbered years. Precinct Chairs can be appointed by the County Party Chair to fill vacancies at any time.

Precinct Chairs must be registered to vote and live in their precincts. They must vote in the 2018 Democratic primary. Precinct Chairs cannot publicly support or endorse an opposing party or a non-Democratic candidate in a race where a Democrat is on the ballot. This includes donating money, soliciting votes, or serving on a campaign committee (of a Republican, Green, or Libertarian).

Precinct Chairs are encouraged to serve on a variety of committees, teams, task forces, and work with Field Organizers who actively canvass Collin County to identify and turn out Democratic voters year-round.

CEC Meeting Schedule

The CEC generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, but there are exceptions.  In even years we often skip the December meeting, and we may skip or re-schedule a meeting during early voting.  Meetings are generally held at a Collin College campus in McKinney or Plano.

Please check the calendar for the exact meeting date and location.

Responsibilities of the County Executive Committee (CEC):

  • Vote on budgets and approve major spending
  • Appoint a new county chair and fill Precinct Chair vacancies when they occur
  • Select nominees for the ballot when a candidate withdraws or dies. This is done by only those chairs in the candidate’s district.
  • Confirm appointments of Party officers and committee members
  • Understand issues and legislation and organize support or opposition
  • Vote on candidate endorsements and Party resolutions
  • Coordinate CCDP’s involvement in municipal, state, and national election campaigns

Other Ways to Get Involved:

  • Join the Field Organization
    • Walk your neighborhood to speak with other voters
    • Call other voters in your neighborhood
    • Recruit neighbors to help contact other neighbors
    • Learn and use our voter database (VAN) to record contact results
  • Work at the polls during elections or on the Ballot Board
  • Participate in Committees
  • Register Voters
  • Attend events sponsored by the Party
  • Attend County, State, and National Conventions
  • Donate to the Party. Texas is the #1 state for sustaining donors. Your contributions help the party grow.