Mary Linhart, Party Secretary

Open Letter to Union Members

From DPCC Secretary, Mary Linhart

Fellow Union Members,

The purpose of Union Political Action Funds (PAF, formerly known as COPE) is to evaluate, endorse, and support candidates whom it judges, with input from our AFL-CIO and affiliated Union legislative advisers, would be advocates for working members and their families in the legislature. By identifying and vetting candidates, Union PAFs engage in a process of endorsing candidates who would best represent working members and their families in defending our workers’ rights, jobs, education, safety, health, and economic issues, and our ability to generally succeed in life.

Vote for the candidate(s) in your county or district who will best protect workers’ interests, even if they hold different views on social issues. This is seriously NOT the time to be partisan. We have to put our interests FIRST, and vote for those who will protect our rights and the investments we have made in our jobs, even if it means crossing party or ideological lines. By helping elect the candidates who support us, AFL-CIO and associated Unions will be in a much better position to pass laws that will protect working members and their families, and better able to oppose bills the Corporations sponsor to defeat the rights for which we have already fought, and to keep Corporations from further eroding our American dreams.

Voting in this country has never been about conservative versus liberal. It has always been aristocracy versus democracy. I don’t know about you, but I am, in no way, a rich person. Stop voting against yourselves, and vote for candidates who support working families and their needs. Protect our rights. VOTE TODAY!  Get off your chairs and VOTE! This mid-term election is VITAL to all of us who work hard for our money. Do not leave this election for others to decide. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!

Mary Linhart

DPCC Secretary

Local Secretary, CWA Local 6215