Please Don’t Be a Non-Voter


by Dr. Mel Whitehurst

We Need Your Help

A positive relationship exist between the number of voters who vote and the problems solved. As the number of voters increase more problems are resolved. As they decrease additional problems emerge. More of us need to vote. Democracy’s strengths start with the voters. Thank you for voting.

When you vote you are voting for your family, friends, and other good citizens of our country. You are voting to carry on the legacy of our great Democratic society instead of submissively surrendering to a small number of authoritarian Republican leaders who emerge to take charge of your lives. Voting helps every citizen keep control of their future.

The recent close election in Ohio demonstrates that one vote matters, and even though the Democratic candidate lost, the significant increase in numbers of Democrats voting lets the winner know they must represent not only the Republican Party but 49% of voters in the Democratic Party. Voting counts. It is simply the right thing for Americans to do.

Texas has low voter turnouts. States with continuous small voter turnouts eventually decline in their quality of life with lower wages, poor healthcare, inferior educational systems, and constant job layoffs. Texas is on the edge of descending into this dangerous decline. Voting allows you to stand up for our state and elect political leaders who put citizen interests over self-interests. Don’t be pushed down further by Republican unconcern for the middle class. Stand up to them and vote.

Republican political leaders only want a small voting base that will, in turn, organize and seek to frighten you into voting their way. Here is how they do it. They do not want you to believe what you see and hear. President Trump wishes you to believe there is a vague evil conspiracy that only he and other “insiders” know about trying to control you. You should vote his way because he tells you that he has the facts. If you look closely, his set of facts most of the time do not match the real facts. Failing to vote, allows him to take steps toward his interests in establishing a dictatorial government dominated by the wealthy elite. Take the time to vote for your interests.

Do not allow Republican negative campaigning, name calling, and character assassination cause you to vote for candidates who uses hostility-based strategies. These negative campaigners never succeed in representing the voters once they are in office. Their self-interests always dominate. So, do not back down by not voting.

Vote for the candidate that gives you the most positive solutions to our major problems, the economy, immigration, healthcare, education, equality and fairness, racism and sexism, etc. Examining the issues closely. You will see the Democratic Party has positive solutions for each of these issues. Compare Democratic and Republican candidates for positivity and you will easily concluded that Democratic candidates take the positive route. Once in office positivity leads them to success.

Don’t back down to extreme Republican conservatism, KKK, racists, the few wealthy elite lobbyists, and dishonest and manipulative politicians by not voting. Let them know you are in the game with your important vote.

Bio for Dr. Mel Whitehurst:
“I am a psychologist in Plano. I began my postdoctoral career as Director of Counseling and Professor of Human Development at the college level for six years, then worked for a Fortune 50 company as a psychologist for six years before entering private practice in Plano for twenty-seven years. Since retiring, I devote my time to studying and writing about how people influence and relate to each other and volunteer in the community.”