Ensuring strong Democratic presence in all our polling places and the County elections office is one way to maximize votes for Democrats in the coming election. We do not want to lose any voters through incompetence or active voter suppression, by our Republican counterparts.

The Democratic Party is entitled to place half of the election workers, including an Election Judge or Alternate, in each polling place, as well as on the ballot board and in the central count  functions at the county elections office. Further good news, is that all are paid positions, at $12 per hour for Judges, and $10 per hour for others, with overtime paid for all work, other than Election Day.

Here are the current openings;

  • 9 Early Voting Election Judges or Alternates (Oct 20-31st)
  • 41 Early Voting Clerks
  • 15 Election Day Judges or Alternates (November 4th)
  • 19 Ballot Board members (various days Oct- Nov 14th)-  NOTE: The Ballot Board panels process mail ballots and make decisions on which provisional ballots should be counted.
  • 129 Election Day Clerks (Nov 4)- Names need to be confirmed by the middle of September, so letters, as required by law to secure appointments, can be timely sent to the Republican Election Judges.

If we don’t fill the spots, by established deadlines- which includes the end of this month and then other deadline dates in September- the Republican Election Judge in any precinct can fill unfilled and vacant spots.

If you are not a Democratic Precinct Election Judge or Alternate or an election worker in this year’s Primary or Runoff (or just don’t like doing surveys), please answer the first four questions on the survey form-  to let us know who you are and your availability for Early Voting or Election Day work. FOLLOW THIS LINK – – -> http://tinyurl.com/Election-Workers-Needed