Register Collin: An Interim Report

Register Collin
Register Collin (RC) is a Collin County Democratic Party (CCDP) program to register likely Democratic voters in Collin County. The program began in mid-June, 2021 and runs through the second weekend of October 2021. RC uses volunteers to directly canvass precincts across Collin County using the “Map the Vote” web app to identify homes and apartments with unregistered potential voters who are likely to vote Democratic. Map the Vote uses public demographic and other available data about these unregistered people to make a guess at likely political leaning.

RC canvassers knock on the doors identified by the app in a target precinct. If the resident answers, the canvasser reads through a script to identify if the person is in fact not registered; if not, they can be registered right there by the canvasser. If the person does not answer the door or does not have time to complete the registration form with the volunteer, the canvasser leaves behind a package that includes a register-by-mail form as well as information about voting and the CCDP.

Since June, the RC campaign has knocked on over 10,000 doors, directly registered hundreds of voters, and distributed thousands of mail-in registration cards. Here are the areas that we have canvassed in the first 10 weeks:

Tabular data for Register Collin

While it is very gratifying for our canvassers to actually get to register a new voter directly, in many cases, the residents do not answer the door, and we leave behind our document package. This makes it difficult to know for certain how many voters are registering using the mail-in card. By comparing the number of new voter registrations in precincts RC has canvassed with precincts that were not canvassed, we can infer the impact that RC is having.

Bar chart showing Register Collin voter registration data

Bar Chart showing Register Collin voter registration data

The numbers really do show a difference, especially from the earlier weeks, with people having had a chance to actually complete and mail in the registration form and for them to show up in voter records as registered. For example, in our pilot week, which we ran in the exurban cities of Anna, Melissa, and Blue Ridge, 642 new voters are registered from the precincts RC canvassed, vs. only 35 in the precincts that were not canvassed. Our Week 1 numbers, from Celina and Prosper precincts, show nearly 700 new voters vs. only 378 in precincts we didn’t canvass. Overall, there are 3,149 newly-registered voters in precincts RC has canvassed, vs. 1,789 in precincts we've not canvassed.

We have not received data for all of our canvassing yet. Here are the areas that we are still waiting on data for:

Table with precinct data for Register Collin

RC will analyze the registration data again on October 1 and November 1 and report back with results for the rest of the areas we canvassed.

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