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Sameena Karmally for Texas House Representative

Have you heard Sameena Karmally for Representative, Texas House District 89, speak? Hear her now. Recorded at the Democratic Party of Collin County’s Your Vote Is Your Voice Celebration with Democratic Candidates on September 6th. (Sameena has been endorsed by the Dallas Morning News) Click the video.

Lifelong Texan Sameena Karmally, candidate for State House District 89, grew up in the DFW area and is a proud graduate of Texas public schools, the University of Dallas, and the University of Texas School of Law.

Dallas Morning News endorses Sameena Karmally for Representative, Texas House District 89, over incumbent, Jodie Laubenberg:

“Republican Jodie Laubenberg is so deeply rooted in Texas House District 89 that she hasn’t caught a whiff of a Democratic challenge since 2006. But this time around, not only has the six-term veteran drawn an opponent, but a top-notch one. Democrat Sameena Karmally, a 38-year-old Allen attorney, gets this newspaper’s recommendation because her vision for Texas is more constructive and forward-looking than what Laubenberg has offered.”

Dallas Morning News Voters Guide

Sameena will work to bring the benefits of Texasʼ pro-business environment back to working people by tying corporate tax breaks to specific job creation goals and holding corporations accountable if they do not deliver on keeping promised jobs in the area.

Sameena says, “Our future depends on providing our children with the skills needed to compete on a global stage.” Texans want their tax dollars spent wisely, and educating our young adults is the best investment we can make in our stateʼs future. Everyone who knows a child in public school knows that classrooms have become overcrowded, our teachers donʼt have the resources and support they need, and standardized tests take more and more time. Texans have a right to a good education, and an educated citizenry benefits us all.

Sameena also believes we must invest in reliable, affordable and renewable energy sources and show strong leadership on the environment.

Sameena will work to ensure that our children enjoy the same clear skies and fresh water that we do. She will bring attention to the Seaway Pipeline that is transporting tar sands crude oil and could contaminate Lake Lavon. She will work to protect our families with increased safety regulations before we experience a West-like catastrophe to our local source of drinking water.

Sameena got an up-close look at the difficulties in senior retirement, housing, and health care after guiding her father through dozens of medical tests and doctor ʼs visits after he had a series of strokes in 2012. After his passing, Sameenaʼs mother moved in with her and was able to access health care for the first time at the age of 62 under the Affordable Care Act (the ACA). Sameena opposes any cuts to Social Security or Medicare and supports expansion of Medicaid under the ACA.

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