Your Voice, Your Vote

Thanks for Voting!

By Mike Rawlins, Newly Re-elected Collin County Democratic Chair
March 12, 2020


We’ve completed yet another record turnout for the Democratic Primary. After all of the votes have been counted, we doubled the 2016 turnout and even eclipsed the record 2008 turnout. Our sincere thanks to all who voted, and particularly those who waited in line on Election Day (those problems are being addressed. Please see our blog post on that:


We also thank all who ran, regardless of whether they won or lost. And, we thank our Primary Election administration staff and poll workers who put in long hours during both early voting and Election Day.


Every election has winners and losers, and something new to most local Democrats, is learning to accept the loss of our picks in the primary. And it was particularly frustrating for those who voted early and then discovered that their pick for President had dropped out by Election Day. Your votes counted anyway, since all of the Presidential candidates still had a chance to pick up national delegates and all of our local candidates stayed in until the end.


And, I am honored to have been elected to serve you for another term as County Chair. With a narrow win, I know that many of you preferred a change in leadership. I will do my best to address your concerns and win your trust, regardless of who you voted for.


We do have a runoff on Tuesday, May 26th for the nominations for the 3rd Congressional District, Railroad Commissioner, and House District 67. Please mark your calendars.


But for the most part, it’s time for us to put the primary contests behind us and set our sights squarely on winning in November. This truly is the most important election of our lives. Texas is in play, and Collin and other suburban counties are ground zero. For the sake of not only all of what is embodied in our platform, but also for the preserving democracy itself, we simply must win. Losing is not an option.