CCDP Podcast Episode 4 – “Texan doesn’t rhyme with gun” Come and Hear It!

In this episode, we talk about the goings-on last week (PRIMARIES!); our newest segment, “Alright Y’all”; our interview with Barb Walters, CCDP Vice-Chair, as she discusses what’s next after the Primary – The Convention; and what’s coming up in CCDP.

If you want to just check our newest segment “Alright Y’all!” or our guest interview, here are the timestamps:

45:28- “Alright Y’all!” Segment about Ted Cruz Jingle

57:57- “Barb Walters, CCDP Vice-Chair, Discusses What’s Next on Civics 101”

For the next month or two, this will be a bi-weekly podcast.

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