The Presidential Race

The Presidential Race

There are 17 names on the ballot for President of the United States. This surprises many of us who assumed names were taken off the ballot as they dropped out. But names remain on the ballot if they didn’t withdraw by a December 9th deadline.

Our challenge here in Collin County is that 17 names will not fit on a single screen of our new ballot marking machines.

The system has been programmed so that:
(1) the presidential candidates are split between two screens and
(2) selecting a candidate is not allowed until both screens have been viewed.

We will soon have a demonstrator ballot on a machine in the Collin County Democratic Party office if you would like to see how our presidential ballot will work.

Here are our 17 presidential candidates, in ballot order per a random drawing conducted by the party County Executive Committee:

Andrew Yang
Marianne Williamson
Cory Booker
Michael R. Bloomberg
Robby Wells
Julián Castro
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente
Tulsi Gabbard
Michael Bennet
Pete Buttigieg
Amy Klobuchar
John K. Delaney
Tom Steyer
Deval Patrick
Elizabeth Warren
Joseph R. Biden
Bernie Sanders

For more information on these candidates, refer to