The Union Needs You

By Manu Lail, Assistant Vice Chair, Collin County Democratic Party

December 13, 2020

Our country is facing some major problems. Our leaders continue to spend trillions of dollars on unnecessary wars. Our healthcare system is the most expensive in the world. And, carbon emissions continue to destroy the world’s climate.

When Washington prepared his farewell address, he cautioned the electorate about the dangers to our Union: regionalism, partisanship, and foreign entanglements. Fast forward to today, and our Union is divided through gerrymandering, extreme partisanship, and we have been entangled in wars and Russian influence in our elections for years. Instead of protecting our Democracy, the Republican Party has been instrumental in becoming the catalysts towards destroying our Union. For decades we have watched their unwillingness to work across the aisle and acknowledge the existence of those who have differing opinions. Mitch McConnell has hundreds of bills sitting on his desk collecting dust, he’s focused entirely on changing the judicial landscape to favor his agenda and has firmly sided against calling 1st party witnesses to the President’s impeachment trial.

Washington’s fears are now a reality that we must face. Our country needs us. Future generations will be looking back at this crucial time in our Democracy and raise the question: What did you do for our country in that most important time?

Individually, the monumental task of righting the wrongs in our Democracy can seem daunting, however I have great faith in our electorate when we work together. The Democrats in Collin County have a unique opportunity to be on the right side of history by registering more voters, volunteering for our candidate campaigns, and getting out the vote. All of us must band together and work in a unified strategic direction to ensure Collin County turns blue.

Go to the Collin County Democratic Party website: and click on “Get Involved” today. Become a sustaining donor to the Party. Join the movement in 2020 to right the wrongs in our Democracy by helping to elect candidates to office who will work to unify our country, listen to the electorate, and solve the issues our communities face.

Let’s work together to make this a more perfect Union.

Manu Lail, Assistant Vice Chair, Collin County Democratic Party

Note: The opinions expressed are those of the author
and do not necessarily represent the view or positions of CCDP.