They Do Not Want You to Think

August 29, 2018

by Dr. Mel Whitehurst

“What good fortune for those in power that people do not think.”
Adolf Hitler

The Republican Party does not want you to think for yourself. The negative campaigning tactics that dominates their political campaigns are designed to make us more fearful, to be afraid that something bad is going to happen if we do not vote for them. Fear narrows perception and diminishes critical thinking, which achieves their goal of producing non-thinking voters with limited understanding. A non-critical thinking voter is easier to control and manipulate. Don’t let them brainwash you. Vote them out.

Republicans concentrate on what they are against. They want to decimate the healthcare system, eliminate numerous critical government agencies, separate children from their parents to make a point, obliterate government (instead of developing better government), and to actively demolish political opponents as compared to collaborating with them. John Boehner former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives said his main goal after President Obama was elected for a second term was to “destroy” President Obama rather than work with him. Senator Theodore Cruz even shut down the U. S. Government because he wanted to eliminate the current healthcare system. Pay extra close attention to what they are saying and you will see my point.

Republicans have proven to be incompetent leaders. Controlling three branches of our government has shown them to be inept in keeping their commitments to voters. We do not have a “wall” paid for by Mexico, or a new and better healthcare plan, or a comprehensive immigration policy, all promised by Republicans and President Trump. Whether you agree or disagree with their promises, they have failed. Don’t ignore their failures.

Our government is now essentially paralyzed with dissension and duplicity. Yet, Republican supporters still praise their pseudo-progress. The non-critical thinking voting population that favored Republicans has a formidable tendency to submissively follow. President Trump even bragged that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and they would still vote for him. His voters cheered him, a good example of why the Republicans do not want you to think. Don’t ignore their deceptiveness.

Voting Republican political leaders out of office who do not want you to think is crucial if we are to maintain a dynamic democracy that actually serve Americans. We cannot let Republicans intimidate us into becoming mindless minions. If you stand back and allow them to achieve their goals, middleclass Americans will be permanently harmed. Listen to our Democrat Party candidates. You will see their integrity and political platform will inspire dynamic solutions working with both sides.

If you have not planned to vote, help Democrats get rid of demagogues and get back our Democracy. Become part of a great political party and we will work together to finally solve our foremost problems. I promise you our Democrat candidates will take the positive collaborative leadership road that will serve the people. Don’t be a non-voter.

Bio for Dr. Mel Whitehurst:
“I am a psychologist in Plano. I began my postdoctoral career as Director of Counseling and Professor of Human Development at the college level for six years, then worked for a Fortune 50 company as a psychologist for six years before entering private practice in Plano for twenty-seven years. Since retiring, I devote my time to studying and writing about how people influence and relate to each other and volunteer in the community.”