Volunteer For Collin County

By: Donna Buesing, Staff Writer

In this time of crazy ineptitude and irrational “thinking,” we can, in so many little ways, restore sanity and focus.  “How?” you might ask. It is deceptively easy.  VOLUNTEER!!  You don’t need to commit to 40 hours.  Not even 10 hours.

If you have two or three hours while the kids are at school or the slow cooker is fixing dinner, we need you.  There is no need to feel like you don’t have the requisite skills to work in a political campaign office.  No indeed.  We have many opportunities for any way you can help.  Can you push a button to operate the paper shredder, or to make copies, to load a box with materials for block walkers, to answer the telephone, to sort materials?  You are welcome here.

If you do have skills, we need you as well.  Data input with a little training from us is always a plus.  Are you an aspiring writer?  Come on down!  Age is irrelevant.  We have had people come in and state, “Oh, I wish I could help, but surely you don’t need a little grey-haired old lady in here.”  Well, if you head on down to 1915 N. Central Expressway #150, you will see a room that has many grey heads of both sexes.

The important thing is that we continue to remind people that we care about Collin County and ALL its citizens.  Volunteering is a relatively easy way to show that we are willing to expend the effort.  It boosts our morale as well when we see new folks answering the call.  Oh, I almost forgot, snacks are always welcome too.

On a personal note, I can testify that every time I walk in the door to CCDP I feel that I am surrounded by so many like-minded people that a weight is lifted off my shoulders.  I actually waited about eight months to begin my “tenure” due to transportation issues.  When I moved from North Dallas to Plano, my car was in dire need of expensive repairs.  I didn’t have the money to fix it and it was pretty old.  I donated it to the PBS folks and never looked back.  I do feel sometimes that my legs have been cut off since I have to get rides to and from wherever I need to go.  Our office manager graciously picks me up once or twice a week to work in the headquarters and our communications chair does the same.  Don’t let transportation or the lack of it hamper your desire to help!  We really NEED YOU!

We have come too far to let our “ship” founder beneath the waves.  Let us correct the erratic course the opposition is trying to force us to take.

Together, we CAN do it.   Si se puede!