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Vote With Me Plus 3 Friends

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Take the Vote w/ Me +3 Pledge

Pledge to Vote. In THIS election. In EVERY election. And make sure 3 of your friends vote, too.
Every two years, you get to decide the future of Your City & Your School District. Pledge to vote, then let us know the three friends you’ll remind to vote before Election Day.

Vote for your City Council & ISD Candidates
Early Voting April 19-24, 26 & 27
Election Day Saturday, May 1st

Bring 3 Friends
Add the first names of 3 friends you will bring with you to vote in the Municipal Elections in the box to the right.

Early Voting

Let us know if you are voting during early voting by checking the box. Early Voting runs from April 19-24, April 26 & 27. If you will vote on election day, Saturday, May 1st – leave the box blank.

What’s Next?

After you pledge, we will send you an email with ways to check your voter registration, see your sample ballot, and where to vote.

Just before early voting – we will send you a text reminder to vote. Be sure to touch base with your three friends so they vote too!