Vote Blue 2020 Because we are the cavalry!


It’s the beginning of the end of four long years of Republican failures, corruption, and greed.

😢 Our very lives have been put at risk, including those of our children and grandchildren, because the President decided that ignoring the truth about COVID-19 boosted his election chances.

😢 Our healthcare is at risk, including pre-existing conditions and women’s rights to privacy and care, because Republicans in the Senate believe rushing through an anti-ACA and anti-choice candidate for the Supreme Court nomination is more important than respecting the will of the people (62% of Americans support waiting for the election winner to name the nominee).

😢 Equality is at risk, including the right to marry whom you choose and the ability to live a full life without fear of being targeted because of the color of your skin, because Republicans packed the courts with justices who don’t represent (again) what the majority of Americans believe.

😢 Our very planet is at risk, including our Texas coastal areas, because our current leaders refuse to even admit that climate change is growing worse daily.

😢 Our economy is at risk, including our “Texas miracle”, because it turns out that not taking a pandemic seriously leads to systemic issues like job loss, insurance loss, hunger, and homelessness.

END this nightmare by voting for every Democrat on the ballot.

Don’t stop at the top. Vote for every Democrat: the party of our future! We’re counting on YOU to make sure that our new story – one of hope, civility, equality, and justice – is just beginning.

With hope,
Julie Luton
McKinney Democrats