We had an amazing Primary! Carole Evans breaks it down.

We had a record setting Primary! We had the largest slate of Collin County Democratic candidates in more than 25 years.  And the most diverse slate EVER by either party.  Democrats across the county were ready to vote and vote they did!  Read on for a more indepth look at the 2018 Collin County Democratic Primary.


 In Collin County, 18.91% of registered voters stepped out to vote in the Texas Primary that took place yesterday, March 6, 2018.

In the Democratic Primary, there were several close races. One of the tightest was the race for State Senator, District 8. Mark Phariss ended up beating his opponent, Brian Chaput, by a hair with 50.90% of the vote. Joi Chevalier, running for State Comptroller, beat Tim Mahoney.

In one of the most surprising races for US Representative District 3, Lorie Burch was ahead by a little over 50% most of the night, but with a final vote tally of 49.61%, she faces Sam Johnson in a runoff.

Lupe Valdez, running for Governor, had the lead most of the evening, but since she got only 43% of the total votes, she’ll face Andrew White in a runoff.

As expected, Republican incumbents Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Senator Ted Cruz easily won their primaries with over a million votes each.


Office Candidate Collin County % Texas %
Lt. Governor Mike Collier 17,912 57.41 501,395 52.37
Comptroller Public Accounts Joi Chevalier 18,390 61.80 484,030 51.86
Commissioner General Land Office Miguel Suazo 20,575 69.38 660,280 70.00
Railroad Commissioner Roman McAllen 17,905 59.54 536,823 58.50
US Senator Beto O’Rourke 22,622 64.48 641,052 61.82
US Representative D4 Catherine Krantz 629 77.56 8,840 68.59
State Senator D8 Mark Phariss 13,670 50.96 16,689 50.90
County Chair Mike Rawlins 20,665 66.44





Office Candidate Collin County % Texas %
Governor Greg Abbott 59,565 90.94 1,390,236 90.39
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 50,763 77.04 1,164,556 75.91
Commissioner General Land Office George P. Bush 30,575 49.23 857,866 58.18
US Senator Ted Cruz 54,531 82.83 1,315,468 85.34
US Representative D3 Van Taylor 45,475 84.66 45,475 84.66
US Representative D32 Pete Sessions 2,418 76.79 32,784 79.26
State Senator D8 Angela Paxton 29,397 55.53 32,653 54.35


 RUNOFFS – MAY 22, 2018


Office Candidate Collin County % Texas %
D – Governor Lupe Valdez 14,734 43.84 436,295 42.89
Andrew White 9,630 28.65 278,588 27.38
D – US Representative D3 Lorie Burch 15,468 49.61 15,468 49.61
Sam Johnson 8,943 28.68 8,943 28.68
D – US Representative D32 Collin Allred 585 34.78 15,442 38.52
Lillian Salerno 336 19.98 7,343 18.31
D – State Board of Education Suzanne Smith 13,982 47.28 35,460 48.06
Laura Malone-Miller 8,957 30.29 19,426 26.33



Happily, there were Democrats running for almost every office! Many of the Democratic candidates ran uncontested, but will be facing Republican opponents in November. Even though they ran uncontested, candidates including Justin Nelson (Attorney General), Kim Olson (Commissioner of Agriculture), Danyell Lanier (County Judge), Ramona Brumfield (Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Place 2) among many others, had an impressive number of votes. Keep them coming!

In the Republican Primary, a key uncontested race was Matt Sheehan (State Representative D66).

For details about every race in Collin County, go to   Collin County Election Results.

If you’re interested in the Primary results for the entire State of Texas, check out these sites:

Official Texas totals, Democratic Party, from the Texas Office of the Secretary of State.

Official Texas totals, Republican Party, from the Texas Office of the Secretary of State.

In other interesting election news across the state, Joaquin Castro ran uncontested (both Democrat and Republican parties) for US Representative District 20. Eddie Bernice Johnson (US Representative District 30) won her primary with 63.57% of the vote and no upcoming Republican opponents.

Democratic Propositions passed by 99.43%. Yup, that’s almost everyone who voted! We all agree on our mission.


Excited candidates, volunteers, and voters got together all over town to watch the elections and celebrate their hard work. We have the pictures to prove it.

Lorie Burch Watch Party – Vickery Park, Plano

Mark Phariss – Plano Kitchen and Bar, Plano

Ramona Brumfield – Bar Louie, Allen

Beto O’Rourke – Mac’s Southside, Dallas

Sam Johnson, Campaign HQ, Plano

CCDP Party – El Noa Noa, Plano

Congratulations to all the candidates for your dedication to the political process. We’re proud of all of you.

March 24, 2018  
Lovejoy High School
8:00 am Check-in : 10:00 Call to Order
Help turn Collin County BLUE in November!


Runoff Election:  May 22, 2018

General Election:  November 6, 2018




Carole Evans is a long-time Plano resident who was previously a technology executive and project management educator. Even though she claims to be retired, she is now officiating volleyball for middle schools and high schools. 2016 woke her up politically, so she calls herself “a new activist”. Harried mom to two cats, daughter to her mom, sister to her mom’s dog, all who live in Plano with her. Gulp!