What is a Convention?

What’s a Convention? Why do we hold them?
Electing Delegates to the State Convention

Why do Texas Democrats hold conventions? Every two years we hold a state
Democratic Party Convention. At this convention we elect a State Party Chair, Vice-
Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for four year terms. We elect a man and a woman from
each senate district to serve on the State Democratic Executive Committee. We write a
Party Platform. We update our Party Rules. And we pass resolutions on various topics
of public policy or party affairs. Additionally, there are general session speeches by our
elected officials, candidates, and national figures. There are lots of interest group
caucuses and trainings held.

This convention will consist of up to 8,400 delegates from every county in Texas. County
Chairs and current party officials (SDEC, DNC, etc.) are automatic delegates. Each
county also elects delegates based on the number of Democratic votes in the last
governor’s election. Every county gets at least two. (So with the County Chair and the
two delegates, each county has at least three votes.)

Each County (or SD within a county with multiple SD’s) elects delegates to the state
convention on March 24th. The allocation of delegates is based on the number of votes
for the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in the last election. If you are interested in how this
is calculated, go to this link for further information.

If you wish to attend the State Convention in Ft. Worth, June 21-23, you may attend whether or
not you are elected as a state delegate. More information will be available on the State Party
website and at our Convention in March.