What’s the Message

20 May 2020

by Mike Rawlins, County Chair

The question that new Democratic activists almost always ask is “What’s our message?”

It isn’t “not Trump” or “not Republican”. We always tell candidates to talk about what they’re for before they talk about their opponents, if they talk about them at all. And with the media covering Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic 24/7, and the Republican’s fawning defense of him, we really don’t need to say anything about it.

What voters want to hear is why they should vote for Democrats – what we’re going to do better. We promise:

  • Competent government
  • A sound economy that works for everyone
  • Social and economic justice
  • Health care for all
  • Restoring the environment
  • And so much more

Too many of us are looking for the magic catchphrase or that perfect soundbite that sums up everything we’re about in one sentence. They don’t exist, because every voter is different and how we talk about all of this needs to be aimed directly at the individual voter.  And “we” is important! It’s not up to just the party or even individual candidates to tell the story. We all have to, in our own words, and to our friends, neighbors, and families.

Find the message that works for you with whoever you’re talking with, and tell that story. Let’s win!