Why Your Out-of-County College Kids Should Vote This Fall

THIS fall?? Huh? Yes, the constitutional amendments proposed by the Texas Legislature earlier this year are up for your approval this November.

Q: Why should my kids who are away at college vote on these amendments?
A: As a practice run for voting absentee in 2020! And because informed voting in EVERY election is an important practice for citizens. Encourage them to start good voting habits early.

Q: Why should my kids vote in Collin County in 2020 instead of where they are living for college?
A: If they are at college in a solidly blue or solidly red jurisdiction, then by voting in Collin County, they can have a greater impact in electing Democrats. If they do decide to vote at college, they need to register locally and find out the details of voting in their locale.

Q: Which college students can vote absentee?
A: Those who are registered to vote in Collin County and who are going to school outside of Collin County.

Q: Can my kid who is not a college student, but away on temporary work assignment vote absentee?
A: Yes! In fact, any of the following circumstances makes one eligible to request an absentee ballot:

  1. Expected absence from the County during both the early voting period (October 25 through November 1) and election day (November 5).
  2. Disability
  3. 65 years of age or older
  4. Confinement in jail and not finally convicted of a felony

Q: How do my kids arrange to vote absentee?
A: Request an absentee ballot from Collin County Elections Department. The information that the Elections Department requires is outlined here.

Q: Can my kids request the absentee ballot by email?
A: Yes! absenteemailballoting@collincountytx.gov

Q: When should my kids request the ballot?
A: NOW!! The request must be received by the Elections Department by Friday, October 25, 2019.

Q: When should my kids vote?
A: Immediately upon receiving the ballot. Then he/she should mail it back immediately. If the ballot is not postmarked by 7:00 p.m. Election Day AND received at the Election Department by 5:00 p.m. the day after Election Day, their vote will not be counted.

Q: How do my relatives overseas in the Armed Services or visiting out of the US arrange to vote absentee?
A: Click here for overseas voting guidance and scroll down the page.

Q: How should my college kids (and I) vote on these constitutional amendments?
A: The Texas Democratic Party is expected to issue a stance on the amendments soon. In the meantime, The Rally has published a series explaining each amendment and how the Democratic Party representatives in Austin voted. Starting on August 8th, one amendment has been examined each week. https://www.collindemocrats.org/newsletter-archive/

One other thing – every Collin County Democrat who doesn’t qualify to vote absentee should vote in person. You will have your first chance to vote using the new voting equipment that Collin County Elections has acquired. It has a paper trail component that will ensure accurately auditable results.

Early voting starts in less than three weeks. Best not to wait till Election Day – if November 5 were to become one of those days in your life, you could lose your chance to vote.

Get more information about voting in Collin County here.

by Tracy Pursell