WOW Dems Coordinated Volunteer Event Held

Carole L. Evans


Women Organizing Women (WOW) Democrats held a coordinated volunteer event at the home of Lori Kleinfield to do phone banking and postcard writing for candidates Lorie Burch (US Congress, Texas Congressional District 3), Sharon Hirsch (Texas House District 66), and Mark Pharris (Texas Senate District 8). Over 30 women (and men!) showed up, shared a meal of pizza and dessert, then immediately got to work writing and phoning. Some of us didn’t even know where to start, but no fears, there were folks present from each campaign who showed us how to phone bank and create postcard scripts. Super easy if you’ve been nervous about getting involved!


Volunteers were everywhere clustered in groups armed with their postcards, pens, laptops, and phones: in the kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and even sitting on the floor! Lorie Burch and Sharon Hirsch both made it to the event and spent some time walking around, talking to the volunteers, answering questions, and listening to their concerns. At one point, Lorie and Sharon participated in a discussion about mental health services and funding. It’s great to know our candidates are listening to the concerns of their constituents!

Volunteers at WOW Dems Volunteer Training

Special shout-out to Sam Johnson, CCDP’s new Coordinated Campaign Fundraising Chairperson, who showed up to the WOW Dems event as well. Congrats on that new critical role, Sam!

L-R: Lorie Burch, Sam Johnson, Sharon Hirsch


Are you proud of your legible writing? Do you get compliments on your phone skills?

The work’s not over yet. We wrote and called, but hey, we could sure use more of those skills from YOU! You don’t even have to leave home.

From Lorie’s team: THANK YOU to all who helped with phone banking and postcards for the Lorie Burch campaign last Thursday! Our grassroots campaign couldn’t do this without you! Want to stay up-to-date with our phone banks and block walking events? Visit our campaign calendar on the website: Check back often – we update this calendar regularly! If you took postcards to complete or still want postcards, please contact Kimberly Kantor at 469-231-7007 or! If you prefer to phone bank from home, the link to our Virtual Phone Bank is For additional questions or training on our Virtual Phone Bank, contact Kevin Numerick at Thank you again for your support!!
From Sharon’s team: Thanks to WOW Dems and all the wonderful volunteers who participated in the Night of Action. I am so grateful to all of you for your support. We will continue to write postcards, phone bank, and block walk all the way up to election day. Regular phone banks will be held every Tuesday at the CCDP office from 6 – 8:30 p.m., or you can use this link for the Virtual Phone Bank if you are calling from home. If you are interested in writing postcards, please sign up using the Volunteer Sign-up form on my website and we will arrange for delivery. With gratitude, Sharon.
From Mark’s team: Hi, WOW Dems. Thank you all so much for helping with the event and for all the support. The link to the phone bank with instructions on how to set it up at home is or you can go to and type in the code for the phone bank, which is 1CF082K-241368. You will then see a page to enter your Action ID. If any of you have questions, you can email Ekta Nanda at
Here are a couple of postcard examples to help you get started.
Back of postcard for Lorie Burch for US Congress campaign
Sharon Hirsch for HD66 campaign postcard.

Remember, there are a host of other Dem candidates who will be on the ballot for Collin County. Give them your support, too.