Your Vote Matters – Vote Democratic!

There are people who do not vote. They tell you “my vote doesn’t matter,” or “elected officials don’t listen to me,” or “my vote doesn’t count.” The reality is that VOTING MATTERS. The people elected to office have the ability to make opportunity available to all citizens or to make the American Dream available only to the privileged few.

VOTING MATTERS when you look at what each party stands for and the goals they have set out for governing. VOTING MATTERS if you care about education. VOTING MATTERS if you care about health care. VOTING MATTERS if you care about jobs. Take a look at what each party hopes to achieve, based on the official 2014 Party Platforms, and determine if VOTING MATTERS in your life. Ask yourself – if I vote, will it matter? If you care about any of the issues below, VOTING MATTERS!

VOTING MATTERS! Are you going to make your voice heard on Election Day?

Democrats want the following: Republicans want the following:
  • make quality, free education available to all children
  • oppose the “teach to the test” policy
  • every student should have access to affordable college education
  • education should be a budget priority
  • teacher pay should be at a level on par with the national average
  • oppose school vouchers and tax breaks for people or corporations
  • want to protect teacher pensions
  • raise the minimum wage
  • repeal right to work laws and give employees free choice to join unions
  • public project funds go to American companies that hire American workers
  • retrain laid off workers
  • increase spending for Texas infrastructure thereby creating jobs
  • allow women to make their own medical decisions
  • expand Medicaid coverage to all working families by accepting the 100 billion dollars offered by the federal government
  • support increased spending on mental health and substance abuse solutions
  • a state health exchange making affordable private insurance available to all
  • comprehensive reform providing an attainable path to legal status and/or citizenship
  • secure the borders with trained, financed border patrol
  • eliminate the logjams in the immigration legal system
  • passage of the DREAM act
  • stop all funding of school districts
  • abolish the Department of Education
  • abolish property taxes (which fund schools)
  • oppose the 10% rule and use of diversity in admission process
  • oppose mandatory pre-K and Kindergarden
  • repeal the minimum wage
  • oppose the Employee Free Choice Act allowing workers to join a union freely
  • make workers compensation insurance optional for employers
  • abolish the Federal Reserve System
  • repeal the Affordable Health Care Act
  • oppose a woman’s right to choose
  • allow health care professionals to deny treatment or medication to any person if they personally oppose the medical procedure or medication on moral or religious grounds
  • erect a continuous physical barrier along the border consisting of monitoring by electronic, infrared, and visual means
  • refuse to grant any legal status to anyone who entered the county illegally
  • end in-state tuition for any undocumented Texas resident