CCDP Committees and Teams

The Collin County Democratic Party (CCDP) is organized around two main bodies: the Election Apparatus, which consists of the committees, teams, and officers whose major functions involve assisting Democratic candidates in election to public office, and the Administration and Governance Apparatus, which consists of the committees and officers whose principal function involves the administration and governance functions of the Party. The committees and teams that make up these two organizations are staffed by volunteer activists who donate their time and passion to helping the CCDP achieve its mission: to elect more Democrats and to champion the Democratic values of equal opportunity, justice, and to support the common good of all the people, in Collin County, in Texas, and around the nation.

The Election Apparatus

Coordinated Campaign Committee
Chair: Michele Ingalls

The Coordinated Campaign Committee coordinates all aspects of the Election Apparatus of the CCDP. We develop strategies and implement tactics among Communications, Data, Precinct Chair Development, Fundraising, Field Team Operations, Council of Clubs, and Volunteer Coordination. The Committee as a whole is charged with ensuring CCDP achieves its mission of electing Democrats in Collin County.

Communications Team
Director: Jeffrey Quiggle

The Communications Team messages the views, policies, agendas, and platform of the CCDP and TDP to our constituents, potential constituents, and our opponents. We administer and manage the communications platforms of the Party, including the website, social media, email, and other platforms. We work with the CCDP Committees, especially Coordinated Campaign, Fundraising, Events and Outreach, Voter Protection, and Ann Richards Dinner committees to coordinate messaging and outreach.

Data Team
Director: JC Puckett

We work with the party’s voter organization tools and our fundraising platform and assist precinct chairs and others with data needs from those platforms. We train users who request access to our systems, and advise on any data needs within the party. We manage the Party’s VAN account including creating users and assigning roles, creating scripts, survey questions, report formats, queries, and other items to support field operations. We coordinate with and provide feedback to the TDP data director. Assists with data analysis and development of targeting.

Field Team Operations Team
Team Leader: Vacant,

The Field Team is the boots on the ground for the Coordinated Campaign Committee. We execute their plan with voter registration initiatives, voter identification, and Get Out the Vote block walks, phone banks, and texts.

Fundraising Committee
Chair: Amanda Massengale

Fundraising is FUN! In order to raise money for  CCDP, Fundraising hosts events, organizes call time and digital fundraising, and sells memberships and merchandise. Fundraising is also responsible for building and maintaining the CCDP brand from a marketing perspective.

Precinct Chair Operations Committee
Chair: Vickie Parker

Plans, coordinates, and executes the campaign to reach all Democrats county-wide. The committee works with precinct chairs, activists, and Democratic clubs to ensure we register and turn out the vote for all Democrats in Collin County.

Precinct Chair Development Team
Team Leader: Sree Yedavlli

Once you are sworn in and trained, this team helps Precinct Chairs with continuing education and development as you work through outreach in your precinct.

Candidate Development Team
Team Leaders: Elisa Klein and Steve Lavine

If you step up to run for office, we want to help you get started. We have designed a handbook to take you through the essential next steps after you file for office. We’re also available to you for advice any step of the way as you run for office.

Outreach Committee
Chair Bea McKnight

This is the CCDP vehicle to ensure that inclusion and diversity are active, vital values used to raise awareness and increase membership among all cultures and communities. Committee goals include education,  empowerment, and engagement of all ethnicities and backgrounds regarding the values of the Democratic Party to exercise their right to GET OUT AND VOTE and have their voices heard.

Local Politics Team
Director: Misty Hook

The Local Politics Team dives into recurring city council, school board, and Commissioners Court meetings. Our reports are featured in The Rally every week and can be a valuable asset for anyone who needs to keep up with local events or is considering running for office. We also engage in action items, everything from writing postcards and attending protests to speaking at meetings and talking to our elected officials.

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