Administration Committee

Chaired by CCDP Vice Chair: Jeremy Sutka

The Administration Committee oversees the business aspects of the Collin County Democratic Party.

Finance Committee

Chaired by CCDP Treasurer: Gregg Watling
The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial affairs of the Party. This includes accounting, budget analysis, FEC and TEC reporting.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Susan Plonka
The Fundraising Committee is responsible for generating donations and sustaining donor relationships. The Fundraising Committee works in partnership with the Officers of the Party who should represent the Party in creating and maintaining relationships with large donors.

Johnson-Richards Dinner Team ("The JRD Team")

Director(s): Tamara Thomas and Suzanne Manley 

The JRD team is subordinate to the Fundraising Committee and organizes, plans, and executes the party’s yearly fundraising dinner- the “Johnson-Richards Dinner.”

Candidate Recruitment Committee

Chair: Liz Michel 

Responsible for identifying, training, and preparing potential candidates for running for office and for maintaining a list of potential candidates and offices, including timeline for each office and candidate.

Communications Committee

Chair: Michael Tijerina

Responsible for disseminating the message defined by party leadership through a multitude of communication platforms. The authority for controlling the message of the Party lies with CCDP Leadership in conjunction with the Texas Democratic Party.

Coordinated Campaign Committee 

Chair: MacKenzie Jenkins

Responsible for supporting Democratic candidates in their campaigns for local, county, state, and national office. It identifies, reaches, and influences Collin County Democrats in collaboration with individual candidates. Efforts include voter ID, ensuring data integrity, voter education, issue awareness, and counseling candidates on Democratic messaging where appropriate.

Data Committee

Chair: Matthew Modesitt

 Responsible for supporting CCDP by managing party data, data platforms, assisting with data analysis, coordinating with the Texas Democratic Party Data Director, and providing technical training where needed as well as supplying data and reports for other Committees.

Events & Outreach Committee

Chair: David Evans

Responsible for organizing party-specific events and public-facing community outreach and maintaining a list and calendar of events and outreach. A proposed calendar of events shall be submitted with the Committee budget each year. All appropriate events should have fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and voter registration opportunities.

Precinct Chair Operations Committee

Chair: Michael Casavant

Responsible for recruitment and training of activists and precinct chairs to help ensure successful outcomes towards the mission of CCDP.

Rules and Bylaws Committee

Chair: Devin House 

The Rules and Bylaws committee supports the CEC as a resource for understanding the standing rules and Bylaws of the party. Questions of compliance may be addressed to this committee.

Voting Registration Committee

Chair: Brant Beland 

Responsible for helping to identify unregistered voters and help them to get registered. Will integrate with all other committees in making sure we have voter registration included with all events and activities within CCDP.

Voting Rights Committee

Chair: Tom Adair 

Responsible for protecting the right of every eligible individual to vote in each election by protecting voting locations and representing the Democratic Party in the process of identifying or discontinuing polling locations.

Primary Committee

Chair: Sheena King 

The Primary Committee shall be structured according to statute and will fulfill the duties required by law for conducting the Democratic Primary.