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The goal of REGISTER COLLIN is to register 60,000 new Democratic voters in Collin County between June 12th to October 3rd.   

Why 60,000? That’s how many voters we need to completely flip the script.  We will SWEEP the slate from top to bottom if we can register this many Dems by 2022.

We’re going to be working on this project all summer - precinct by precinct, door by door. 

Sign up for an info session to learn more about Register Collin! If these times won’t work for your group - please reach out to our Council of Clubs Liaison ( and we'll create a special session just for your group! 

    How will this help our candidates? We will have registered *new* democratic voters, and we will have information to reach out to them again. We can reach out with special events, volunteer opportunities or to remind them to vote. 

    Want to help us? There are lots of things you can do! 

      • Donate directly to the Register Collin Project so we can buy:

        • Push Cards
        • Volunteer Support - Water, Snacks, Swag
        • Reminder Text Messages
      • Volunteer to knock on 50 Doors

        • VDR’s - we need you!
        • 50 doors should take about 2 hours
      • Volunteer to be a Shift Captain

        • Pick up materials, meet up with volunteers
        • Conduct training, answer questions, take pictures & post
        • Collect reg cards, return them to office & gather feedback
      • Other Volunteer Opportunities

        • Phone bank to help fill open shifts
        • Prepare volunteer materials for the next week-end
        • Data entry & validation
        • Courier for registration cards (must be VDR)